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Hong Kong’s HashKey Soars to Unicorn Status with $100M Funding

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A Significant Milestone in Crypto Finance

HashKey, a leading crypto exchange based in Hong Kong, has achieved a significant milestone, entering the exclusive “unicorn” club after a successful Series A funding round. The company raised nearly $100 million, skyrocketing its pre-money valuation to over $1.2 billion. Achieving unicorn status, a startup valued at over $1 billion, is significant in the venture capital and crypto industries.

Strategic Investment for Business Expansion

The substantial funding will be strategically allocated across HashKey’s diverse business operations. These include asset management, blockchain node validation services, tokenization services, and a dedicated Web3 incubation arm. HashKey’s multifaceted approach to its business arms underlines its commitment to exploring and expanding within various crypto and blockchain industry segments.

Key Investors and Regulatory Milestones

While the identities of the investors participating in this funding round were not disclosed, reports from sources such as Bloomberg suggest involvement from prominent institutional investors and leading Web3 institutions, including OKX Ventures, the investment arm of the crypto exchange OKX. HashKey, which became a licensed exchange through the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in August, is part of Hong Kong’s broader initiative to become a welcoming hub for crypto businesses. The city-state has been increasingly open to crypto innovations, such as spot crypto exchange-traded funds (ETFs), with HashKey playing a pivotal role in this ecosystem.

HashKey’s ascent to unicorn status reflects the growing maturity and potential of the crypto and blockchain industry in Asia, particularly in Hong Kong. The exchange’s focus on diverse crypto services and regulatory compliance positions it as a key player in shaping the region’s digital asset landscape. This funding round underscores investor confidence in HashKey and highlights the ongoing evolution and expansion of the crypto finance sector globally.

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Jay Solano

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