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How to Buy 1inch Crypto Coin?


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How to buy 1INCH Crypto Coin?

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If you have been in the crypto market for a while, you will for sure want to know how to buy 1inch crypto coin. This virtual currency has attracted the attention of thousands of investors from all over the world. This is why we want to make sure you know how to buy 1inch crypto coin. 

Several exchanges are currently making it possible for you to get access to this virtual currency. Although not all of them will fit your needs, they would let you buy 1inch crypto coin. At the same time, we will also tell you what is this virtual currency all about and how its price evolved in recent months. 

What is 1inch Crypto Coin?

Before we go to how to buy 1inch crypto coin, we need to know what this project is all about. 1inch is a cryptocurrency exchange that is decentralized and that consists of 5 different components. These components include the 1inch Aggregation Protocol, the 1inch Liquidity Protocol, the 1inch Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), the 1inch Foundation and finally, 1inch Labs. 

This is similar to how other cryptocurrency and blockchain projects work in the market, for example, Cardano (ADA), with a clear division of responsibilities across different branches. 

Users from all over the world can use each of these interoperable components in order to get access to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions. At the same time, 1inch is offering easy-to-use solutions that are intuitive and that aim at expanding the DeFi market all over the world. 

Furthermore, the 1inch network works with the 1inch crypto coin. 

1inch Aggregation Protocol

The 1inch Aggregation Protocol is the most popular feature of the whole 1inch ecosystem. It enables users to make transactions using different decentralized exchanges (DEX). In this way, they do not need to individually check each of the platforms themselves. As the name suggests, it aggregates different decentralized platforms for users to search and exchange the coins they are looking for. 

1inch Liquidity Protocol

The 1inch Liquidity Protocol is one of the main solutions offered by this network. It is an automated market maker (AMM) that helps users to buy and sell the coins they want (ERC-20 tokens) without having to be worried about slippage and other issues. 

Due to a large number of users and transactions processed, the 1inch liquidity protocol rapidly became one of the largest on the Ethereum network. A Uniswap liquidity pool would let you trade 1inch and other cryptocurrencies. 

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

With the expansion of blockchain technology, decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) became very popular, and 1inch has its own DAO. The 1inch DAO works by allowing members to vote on a wide range of proposals related to the 1inch protocol. 

In this way, it is possible for the community to keep control of the entire network. This is how a decentralized organization works. If you want to vote on different proposals, you should know how to buy 1inch crypto coin. 

1inch Foundation

There is another organization behind the 1inch project: the 1inch Foundation. The Foundation works as a non-profit that creates and releases 1inch tokens to the market. The goal is to expand the use-cases of the network, promote different initiatives and benefit the whole 1inch ecosystem. 

1inch Labs

Furthermore, the 1inch labs works as the development branch of the network. The main goal is to work on different protocols and strengthen the whole project through the Decentralized Autonomous organization. 

1inch Crypto Coin in the Cryptocurrency Market

1inch has been expanding in the cryptocurrency market due to the massive price growth that it experienced throughout 2021. We know that the entire crypto market has been in a bull trend throughout the first part of 2021. 

Despite the recent bearish action experienced by most of the digital assets, 1inch had a very positive year. The coin moved from 0.83 USDT per coin in early 2021 to over 7 USDT in May. This shows how fast the price of the digital asset expanded. Moreover, in February it was already above 6 USDT.

Nowadays, the virtual currency is in a consolidation phase. The price has been traded between 2.3 USDT and 3.6 USDT. This range is equal to the $30,000 and $35,000 range for Bitcoin (BTC). Nobody knows what could happen in the future or 1inch price prediction.

If the entire Decentralized Finance market continues growing, it is highly possible for 1inch to follow this trend. Despite that, smaller coins such as 1inch are highly dependent on what the largest players do (Bitcoin, Ethereum). 

The price expansion that this coin experienced has attracted numerous investors that wanted to get exposure to this cryptocurrency. If you want to know how to buy 1inch crypto coin, there are several options to do so. We share them with you in the next sections.  

How to Buy 1inch Crypto Coin?

There are several options for those users that want to know how to buy 1inch crypto coin. The market has expanded over the last months and there are several exchanges already supporting 1inch. 

One of these options is to use the 1inch liquidity protocol. However, this is not the only way to get access to this virtual currency. Users that do not have advanced trading skills could easily use some of the most popular exchanges such as Binance, OKEX or Huobi, among others. 

It is up to you to select the platform you like the most. There is no option that offers better solutions than others. Everything depends on how you feel on these platforms and which one has better services for you. 

1inch Liquidity Protocol

The 1inch liquidity protocol is the standard way to buy 1inch. Why? Because is the native method offered by the platform to buy this virtual currency. As we explained before, the 1inch liquidity protocol is an AMM that makes it easy for users to buy and sell ERC-20 tokens. 

You can purchase 1inch using this platform in just seconds. You would be able to swap your tokens for 1inch and vice-versa. The platform offers advanced solutions that would reduce the effect of slippage on your trades and also make it possible for users to avoid possible front-running attacks. 

If you have experience handling DeFi platforms and you would like to know how to buy 1inch crypto coin, then the 1inch liquidity protocol is the right way to do so. But remember, if you are a trader or if you want to have access to other services, then other platforms such as traditional exchanges would work better for you. 

The 1inch liquidity protocol is the platform with the largest volume for 1inch trading pairs as it controls 67.42% of 1inch trading volume around the world. 

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges are the easiest and fastest way to buy 1inch. They offer a wide range of payment methods to users and they have very intuitive user interfaces. Depending on the exchange you trade, the liquidity would also be larger or smaller. 

In general, crypto exchanges have been doing a great job bridging the gap between traditional finance and cryptocurrencies. Most of the exchanges that are currently in the market do not only offer crypto trading but also a wide range of other solutions. 

You will be able to purchase 1inch crypto coin using several exchanges. Most of them will be available in your region. If you want to know how to buy 1inch crypto coin, then these exchanges would be some of the best resources you could have. 


Binance is one of the largest and most popular exchanges that you can use if you want to know how to buy 1inch crypto coin. This platform has been expanding since 2017 and it is now among the largest exchanges if we take into consideration the trading volume. 

Binance logo and motto BNB price prediction alternatives to Binance

This platform has been offering numerous trading pairs to attract investors from all over the world. Additionally, it has offered many other services besides trading. Binance is also now the exchange with the largest liquidity for 1inch. 

The trading pairs on the platform include 1INCH/BUSD, 1INCH/BTC and 1INCH/USDT. In terms of volume in the last 24 hours, the exchange accounted for 6.52% of the total trading volume for this virtual currency. 

If you want to trade 1inch crypto coin and also get access to other crypto services, then Binance is one of the best platforms you can use. Moreover, the crypto platform would make it easy for you to engage with other DeFi protocols and enjoy some of the most modern solutions in the crypto market. 


OKEx is another popular cryptocurrency exchange platform that supports 1inch. OKEx has two 1inch trading pairs: 1INCH/ETH and 1INCH/USDT. In this way, traders can get access to one of the most popular DeFi coins currently available in the market. 

okex logo

OKEx also has good liquidity levels, as reported by CoinMarketCap. In addition, it accounts for 2.23% of the total trading volume of the 1INCH cryptocurrency in the last 24 hours. This is the second exchange after Binance handling the largest trading volume for the 1INCH crypto coin. 

If you are not a 1inch liquidity protocol user, then Binance or OKEx could be very useful platforms for you to trade this virtual currency. Moreover, you will also get access to hundreds of other trading pairs on this platform. That means that you do not only have the chance to trade 1INCH but also many other cryptocurrencies. 

OKEx has been working to make its solutions safer and more user-friendly. The platform included several payment methods and it has tried to remain as one of the most popular exchanges to trade digital assets in the world. 

Huobi Global

This is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform that was released in 2013 in order to offer trading solutions to cryptocurrency investors. Over the last years, the company has been adding a wide range of digital assets to attract as many investors as possible. 

huobi logo

Nowadays, Huobi Global is one of the most recognized platforms for users to trade a wide range of virtual currencies. One of the positive things about this exchange is related to the fact that it has added support to relatively new cryptocurrencies, including the 1INCH token. 

If you want to know how to buy the 1INCH crypto coin, then this platform could be a great solution. Additionally, Huobi Global operates in different jurisdictions all around the world, making it possible for users to purchase and sell the coins they want. 

The exchange is mostly used by Asian traders and it has been growing throughout the years. At the same time, advanced users can also get access to margin trading, futures and options linked to virtual currencies. 

Finally, the exchange is also known for its customer support that is always ready to help investors handle their virtual currencies and accounts. 

Coinbase Exchange

Coinbase is among the most recognized cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. This is why, if you want to get access to 1INCH, this could be a great solution. Coinbase focuses on easy-to-use services, especially for newcomers to the crypto industry. If you have recently heard about 1INCH and you want to buy it, then Coinbase could be the right platform for you.

coinbase exchange cryptocurrencies

The exchange has been operating for several years and it has added numerous services and digital assets to offer some of the best services in the crypto industry. Additionally, experienced users that want to trade with indicators and better charts can also do so using Coinbase. 

Coinbase has also a wide range of payment methods for different regions and jurisdictions. In this way, the exchange makes sure that investors can get access to virtual currencies using different payment options. 

For users that would like to do more than trading, Coinbase has added new solutions that help them get access to unique and revolutionary crypto services. For example, some digital assets can be staked using the Coinbase exchange without having previous knowledge on how to stake virtual currencies.

Finally, Coinbase is a regulated platform in several jurisdictions compared to other exchanges. If you want to be sure that you are using a regulated exchange, then Coinbase could be a good option for you.