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IOVlabs Partners with Grupo Sabra to Create Blockchain Solutions for Businesses and Governments

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IOVlabs and Grupo Sabra have partnered in order to bring blockchain solutions for businesses and governments alike. The new venture is going to be called Extrimian and it is expected to increase blockchain adoption in the business, corporate and public sectors.

IOVlabs is a leading provider of Bitcoin (BTC) smart contracts through the RSK platform and the infrastructure Framework (RIF). Grupo Sabra has been working as a company providing blockchain solutions for businesses. The information was released by IOVlabs in a press release a few hours ago.

IOVlabs and Grupo Sabra Announce Extrimian

The new partnership between these two companies is going to help companies and government to create decentralized applications (dApps), deploy consortium networks, and many other things. The new platform is going to be called RSK Enterprise Cloud and it will help increase blockchain technology adoption to build future digitized networks.

With this new platform, governments and companies are going to have a more efficient ecosystem to create applications and improve their infrastructure operations. Furthermore, there will be time and money savings for corporations using this new solution.

Both companies have been working for several years in the blockchain market and they are now partnering to move forward with these new solutions for companies and governments.

RSK Enterprise Cloud Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform

The RSK Enterprise Cloud Blockchain-as-a-Service platform is going to have several solutions that could help both governments and firms. The first thing IOVlabs and Grupo Sabra mentioned in the official announcement is a Flexible Connection. This could help companies easily integrate the company’s IT system with decentralized networks and run Proof of Concepts and enterprise-grade blockchain apps, among other things.

Furthermore, with their ecosystem, it may be possible to accelerate the development of different solutions and products using pre-integrated solutions and services. Furthermore, there are going to be governance improvements as well. Clients can implement a governance operating model for a Consortium Network in just a few clicks using the “Governance-as-a-Service” platform.

There are many other solutions that would help companies and governments to develop the blockchain networks they need. Furthermore, Extrimian is going to be helping developers, entrepreneurs, enterprises and governments to thrive together using different tools and solutions.

The CEO and Co-Founder of IOVlabs Diego Gutiérrez Saldívar said about Extrimian:

“Extrimian gives businesses exposure to the benefits of blockchain technology without the complexity. It enables them to go to market quickly with a native application while tapping into the many benefits that DLT has to offer.”

Guillermo Villanueva, the CEO of Extrimian and Co-Founder of Grupo Sabra, explained in the official release that Extrimian was the missing piece to enable mainstream adoption of blockchain technology among companies and governments all over the world.

This new project is definitely going to have a positive impact on firms and governments that want to deploy blockchain solutions and do not have the way to do so efficiently. Extrimian is ready to solve the main issues faced by these organizations and help them adopt blockchain technology to fulfil their needs, launch decentralized applications or improve their governance systems, among other things.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

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