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Litecoin and Videogame Maker Atari Sign Partnership for LTC to be Used as an Investment

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The Litecoin Foundation has signed a new partnership with the videogame maker Atari. The main goal is to allow LTC to be used as an investment tool to acquire the Atari token. The company will be issuing this digital asset in September this year. 

Furthermore, users would also be able to acquire the new Atari VCS console using LTC. The information was released in a press release by the Litecoin Foundation a few hours ago. Atari has been providing entertainment solutions to users and individuals for dozens of years and it has a large portfolio of over 200 games and franchises. 

Atari and Litecoin Sign New Partnership

Both Atari and Litecoin continue their expansion plan by signing a very important partnership that would allow LTC users to have access to the Atari token. Moreover, users will have the possibility to acquire the Atari VCS console. In the future, there could also be more ventures between Litecoin and Atari, including joint merchandising. 

Atari became known for providing some of the most popular video games around the world, including Asteroids, Breakout or Centipede. With this partnership, LTC users will have the possibility to use their coins in this large ecosystem of videogames. 

Meanwhile, LTC will mainly be used as a means of investment on the Atari Token, which is going to be released as soon as in September this year. The press release informs that the new token would allow holders to manage purchases and track other digital assets within the Atari ecosystem. 

Charlie Lee, the Managing Director of the Litecoin Foundation stated:

“It is great to see Litecoin being used in a variety of different ways within the Atari ecosystem, from purchasing the new Atari VCS gaming console to being used as a way to invest in Atari Tokens.”

In addition to it, Fred Chesnais commented that they are pleased to have Litecoin as a means of payment for the Atari Token Sales. This would allow users to get involved in a wide range of projects on the Atari ecosystem as a whole. 

The new Atari Chain was created in order to get involved with the cryptocurrency community and offer solutions to new clients and users around the world. The Atari Token, as mentioned before, is expected to be launched by September 2020 and it would be issued by the Atari Chain located in Gibraltar. 

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John Asher

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