Monero Can Now Be Traded in the African Market

· 29 Apr 2018 in Cryptocurrency News, Home
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One of the most important and famous virtual currencies in the market, Monero (XMR), is going to be available for African individuals and investors. On April the 26th, iceCUBED-X [ICE3] decided to add Monero to its platform. The trading pairs offered will be XMR/ZAR and XMR/BTC.

Monero Now Available for the African Market

The Ice Cubed Exchange, one of the most important trading platforms in Nigeria, and South Africa, has decided to add support to Monero, one of the most important ‘privacy’ currencies in the crypto market. The company is also operating in the United Kingdom (UK).

The information has been released by the crypto exchange on April the 26th. The post reads as follows:

“Monero trading markets are now live on the ICE3X crypto currency exchange platform. ICE3X is the first and only crypto currency exchange in Africa to list the Monero coin, offering XMR/ZAR & XMR/BTC markets from the get go.”

At the moment, iceCUBED-X offers seven other cryptocurrencies. The market started trading on April the 27th and the XMR/ZAR will be live in May (May the 1st). At the same time, good news for XMR traders that will now have no trading fee on the XMR/BTC market until May the 31st.

Gateth Grobler, CEO of ICE3X, commented about this new listing:

“We think Monero is currently the most suitable con to add to the exchange, because it is fundamentally different from Bitcoin, has a real world use case and somehow managed to stay more true to the ‘original idea’ around which Bitcoin was created. The balance between our users’ needs and a safe and secure trading environment is continuously improving and the addition of XMR has been on our roadmap for a while now.”

This is good news for he South African virtual currency community, that remains one of the most active in the crypto markets amid the bear market we had experienced this year. At the same time, Riccardo Spagni, one of the most known core developers of Monero is located in South Africa. This new addition will allow Africans to have a first contact with the famous privacy coin.

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