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Most Important Airdrops in July 2018 [Updated July 7th]

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ost important airdrops july 2018

First, What Is an Airdrop?

An airdrop is when the creators behind a cryptocurrency distribute for free their token or coin to its existing holders. It is considered both a way of rewarding fellow supporters and a marketing strategy since its objective is to usually gain more exposure if their product is new on the market.
If you are interested in receiving free coins, our following list covers the most important airdrops which will take place in the month of July.

CPS Coin Airdrop

The CPS Coin is a project developed by CoinPayments in collaboration with Syscoin. The CPS Coin will be the first token issued on the Syscoin blockchain.
CoinPayments will offer 100 free CPS coins to all new and existing accounts on their platform. The airdrop will end on August 1, 2018. The coins have an estimated value of €10. CoinPayments affiliates will also receive a referral bonus of 25 CPS Coins for each new signup referred by your account. In addition to this, you will also receive for each signup 25% of all their charged transaction fees.

Due to its collaboration with Syscoin, there was also a separate CPS airdrop which was distributed  on July 1st for Syscoin holders. On that date, a snapshot of all the Syscoin wallets linked to aliases was taken, and 6% of the total amount of CPS coins was given to each coin holder.

Loopring LRN Airdrop 

Loopring is a protocol designed for “order-matching-as-a-service” and communicates between multiple blockchains by using ring transactions and order matching to facilitate trades among different blockchain tokens.
Loopring will airdrop 60% of its maximum supply of LRN to all LRC holders (not to initial token sale participants). The airdrop will be done in 3 dates: on July 5th, September 5th and November 5th.

Each airdrop will consist of 20% of the max LRN supply given to a smart contract on NEO (the Airdrop smart contract) which LRC token holders can claim. For each 100 LRC owned, 2 LRN will be given to the holder. A LRN token is currently valued at $0.728180 USD.

For each airdrop, a random block will be chosen for the snapshot within 5 days prior to the
airdrop. The snapshot will not be announced ahead of time, but they will announce the block
number afterward.

Before they take the snapshot, participants have to get their NEO addresses bound. The binding information in the snapshot is used for the airdrop. A simpler way would be to move all LRC to one single Ethereum address.

More information on address binding on Medium.

Cappasity CAPP Airdrop 

Cappasity started their airdrop program on February 22nd, offering bonus tokens to holders that had at least 1,000 CAPP tokens in their wallet. A CAPP token has a price of $0.016502. They also award a bonus of 4% of total CAPP holdings to loyal owners. The bonuses will be sent on July 12th and on August 12th (a 3% bonus for this month).


To participate, you first must create a token sale account on Cappasity, and put in your ERC-20 wallet address in which you keep your CAPP tokens. If you invite others to join through their Telegram Referral program, you will receive 10 CAPP for each sign-up, and the signee will also receive 5 CAPP tokens just for accepting.

Pundi X NPXS Airdrop 

Pundi X rewards all its eligible token holders through a giveaway mechanism which will last until January 2021. This means they airdrop tokens every month. The snapshot for July is scheduled to happen on the 31st. Participants will receive 7,316% of the amount they had at the time of the snapshot. A NPXS token is currently priced at $0.005296. Your PXS/NPXS token in a wallet that you own the private key, not on wallets at public exchanges.

Docademic MTC Airdrop 

Docademic will distribute 114,368,529 MTC amongst its holders on a monthly basis over a period of two years. The snapshot of the wallet balances will be taken on the July 31st at 18:00:00 GMT.

The amount each participant will receive will be based on how much MTC they owned against the total of MTC already given. MTC has currently a price of $0.28412055. Those that want to participate have to keep their tokens in ERC-20 compatible wallets, such as MEW, Metamask or hardware wallets.

Aion Airdrop

Aion released its TRS (Token Release Schedule) contract back in December, and since then it started its bonus allocation program for its early contributors. Their program offers monthly airdrops which consist of a 6,25% bonus depending on how many AION tokens the owner has. AION is valued at $1.

The snapshot will be taken on July 12th. The event is available only for those that participated
in AION’s Token Release Schedule.

Presearch Airdrop

The Presearch project is a decentralized search engine which rewards users with its native token Presearch (PRE) for using and promoting the platform. With a spot on strategy, Presearch aims to target the most frequent web search users, to gain early adoption. Presearch (PRE), an Ethereum ERC20 token, can be purchased using BTC and ETH cryptocurrencies.

Getting free Presearch tokens are easy and straightforward. Click this link to register on the site. You will get free 25 PRE tokens instantly. To get more, do a search in the box provided. Every time you do that, you earn free PRE tokens. You must stay active for 60 days to get your tokens.

PCHAIN Airdrop

The PChain project claims to be the first multichain system which supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) globally which has made it possible to build large scall dapps. PChain will be airdropping 326,000 PAI tokens to their community members. To be part of it, follow the steps below:

1. Click here to visit airdrop registration page and register.
2. Verify your mail and log in.
3. Join this telegram group and send “Airdrop” as a message.
4. Follow on Twitter and retweet this.
5. Follow here on Reddit.
6. You can also refer your friends to earn more PAI tokens.

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