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NEM Price Prediction 2021 — Rescued And Rising

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Basil has three years of freelance experience writing on disruptive technologies. He focuses on breaking news and education pieces; helping to spread the gospel of Blockchain. He hopes to have his own blockchain company one day; helping the world through its innovative ledger technology.
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(Updated November 21, 2021) Analyzing NEM Price is not an easy thing to do. Last year was crucial for the transition of the NEM blockchain and the XEM token. Over the period, XEM has registered significant gains that have coincided with a rework of the ecosystem’s inefficient governance structure.

As things stand, NEM price has a lot of potential given its wide range of real-world use cases and now that it has the full backing of the NEM Foundation. In 2020 this platform has the opportunity to lead the rest as blockchain technology is integrated into the business world. Consequently, the increased use cases and integrations will have a positive impact on its price.

In this piece, we are going to take a look at the various factors that promise to push the price of XEM upwards, including expert opinions and technical analysis of the charts.

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Experts’ Opinion On Why Nem Will Rise

NEM price is the 27th largest digital currency based on market cap. Launched in March 2015, the cryptocurrency was walloped during last year’s crypto winter and is down 97% from its January 2018 all-time high of $2.11. Despite this negative trend, let’s take a look at why experts believe NEM price could rise soon.

Saaim, an investments analyst at Lombardi Media Corporation, states that the hacking of the NEM platform and the lost coins could be a potential positive, which could prompt an upward price movement. She reports that the coin faces competition from other bigger altcoins, and adds that since the coin joined Binance, this may push its price to the happy side of $1.

Additionally, Tim Falk, from, believes that NEM price has a lot of potential. The platform has a wide range of real-world use cases and the backing of the foundation, thus it has the opportunity to be at the forefront of the large-scale integration of blockchain into the business world, which may push the coin’s price to higher levels.

The newly elected president of the NEM Foundation, Alex Tinsman, expressed a high level of optimism when she stated that it is exciting to be part of the foundation, given it has a robust suite of tools and a community that is moving forward to change the future. This optimism shows that she believes in a great future for the coin, given its numerous advantages.

Currently, NEM price is trading at $0.04 with a market cap of $371 million. However, recent developments around the project promise to push its price and market cap even higher. Below are four other reasons that are positively impacting the price of NEM (editor note: we’ll use NEM price here instead of ‘XEM’).

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Fresh Start After $8 Million Rescue

Earlier this month the NEM Foundation said that it was ready for a fresh start after it obtained a funding injection of around $8 million last month and after laying off most of its staff. Key members of the NEM community had approved the release of 210 million NEM tokens from reserves on Feb. 20 which are supposed to fund the operations of the foundations until Feb. 20, 2020.

Alex Tinsman who is the newly elected president of the NEM Foundation had earlier this year revealed that the nonprofit organization was almost broke after the previous governance council had mismanaged funds.

As part of the new changes, the new management was effecting included staff cutbacks that saw 100 people lose their jobs. Tinsman noted that “It’s in the best interest of companies to be fiscally responsible with their platform, their products, and their teams. We need to be product-focused, and that’s what we’ve done. This is a sign of good things to come.”

Also in a thank you message to the NEM community for approving the funding the foundation noted that it would be “working with the relevant community members to go through the process of disbursements of funds and have been in touch with our lawyers in Singapore where NEM Foundation is incorporated. As promised, we will transition into a product-focused and revenue-driven Foundation and will be providing updates regularly.”

So moving forward as the president notes, investors should expect good things from NEM price.

PUBLISH Will Utilize The NEM Blockchain

The news media arena is set to start reaping the benefits of the blockchain technology soon.

This is after TokenPost, a Korean blockchain based news platform and Kchain, a leading blockchain consultancy company also based in Korea partnered to launch PUBLISH – software that will aid integration processes.

Through the platform, the two entities plan to improve the news media ecosystem in this era of the distributed ledger technology.

PUBLISH describes itself as the “next generation blockchain-powered news publishing software protocol.” Moreover, it aims to distort the news media network designs with a global participation approach.

Feasibility studies done so far show that the protocol is compatible with the practicalities of publishing news content and it’s also economically viable.

The PUBLISH blockchain project will run on the NEM protocol. It will use NEM’s services including the ability to customize assets and use of encrypted messages.

By doing this, the platform hopes to build a network that will satisfy all news industry participants from advertisers, consumers, content creators and editors within the system.

By having distinct roles for different network participants, PUBLISH stands out from other blockchain projects that are trying to implement the same idea.

Publishers and Editors operating on the platform will be custodians of the blockchain based news within the network.

Also, the hybrid decentralized approach that is used to govern the PUBLISH network is expected to enhance transparency and autonomy when it comes to publishing news. Additionally, NEM is working with many other companies and signing new partnerships that would allow users to have better solutions. Thus, NEM price could continue growing in the future as well.

Despite that, it is also worth remembering that millions of NEM coins were stolen from the Coincheck exchange a few years ago.

Launch Of A Blockchain Hub For Nem-Based Startups

Recently, NEM launched a blockchain hub in Melbourne Australia. The hub will see NEM representatives provide support to members of the public on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

It will also host blockchain events and educational programs. Most importantly, it will serve as a business incubator and support center for NEM-based blockchain startups.

Australia holds bright prospects for the NEM foundation. The project has lately benefited from local support through partnerships with startups like TravelbyBit.

This new development is expected to positively impact the price of XEM as it was the case recently after NEM was picked up by Mijin, a Japanese based blockchain platform.

Jian Chan, the NEM Foundation lead in Australia and New Zealand has said that the launch of the hub in Melbourne is a definite sign of NEM’s commitment to supporting innovation in both countries.

Already NEM is collaborating with many Startups in Australia including LaunchVic, Blockchain Centre, Stone $Chalk and many more.

NEM has also announced that it’s working on having more Australian partners and there are plans for some NEM based ICOs soon.

Partnership in UAE

A Memorandum-of-Understanding (MoU) has been signed by the NEM team with the Ministry of Community Development (MOCD) in the UAE. This MoU will cover the provision of various consultancy services to MOCD on its future blockchain projects. The UAE has been very progressive in its adoption of blockchain technology as a vehicle to drive its full digitalization policy, which it hopes to achieve in 2019.

This is the latest in a series of partnerships that have been signed with various companies. NEM is also being listed in a number of exchanges such as BitPanda and Kuna Exchange, a Ukraine-based crypto exchange that will offer both crypto and fiat-based pairing with NEM.

NEM (XEM) Price TradingView Analysis Updated November 21, 2021


Prone to growth, add to watch list by cryptolearn91 on

As per the XEM analyst, it is necessary for the digital currency to cross the 0.382 Fibonacci level and a confirmation candle before entering a new position. In addition to it, he shared a loss limit at 1.70 USDT and the limit is expected to be in the middle of the channel line. 

In the chart, we see that the XEM/USDT trading pair is currently in an ascending channel that has been playing out for several months now. The coin has many times tested both the upper and lower boundaries of this channel and the coin could continue moving higher in the near future if the crypto market continues in this bull market.

NEM have 10x potential coin, you must have to this on portfolio. by Bitking786 on

This analyst shows that XMR could be moving higher in the coming months before the end of this year. As he shows, the virtual currency is now in an ascending channel in which the lower boundary has been tested a few days ago. This could be the moment in which XEM started its move higher. 

There are some resistance levels that we have to pay attention to. These resistance levels include 0.27 USDT, 0.40 USDT and 0.56 USDT. The analyst says that if XEM is able to break the 0.27 USDT resistance level, then it would be easy for this virtual currency to start a new parabolic cycle towards higher prices. We should also closely follow the entire cryptocurrency market trend.

XEMUSDT – 2 timing for entry in a flag! by EthanTW on

For this trading expert, XEM is currently building a big bull flag on the 1-hour chart after bouncing from a strong support zone close to 0.17 USDT. The coin could eventually try to break through a descending trendline and target different price levels at 0.19 USDT, 0.20 USDT, 0.2138 USDT, 0.2207 USDT and 0.2276 USDT following the Fibonacci extension levels. 

He considers that there is a high risk possibility to enter these trades as soon as XEM breaks the red line that is shown in the chart. Furthermore, he considers that a safer and lower risk option is to open a position when the upper downtrend line is broken out. However, the profit levels targets remain the same.

XEMUSDT is testing the weekly resistance 🦐 by plancton0618 on

At the moment, the analyst sees the trading pair XEM/USDT testing the weekly resistance. That means that if the price breaks out from the current descending channel and breaks this resistance at 0.20 USDT, then it could transform this weekly resistance into support. 

The analyst shows that it is possible to create a good order if that happens. Furthermore, he shows in the chart that XMR could even move towards 0.26 USDT per coin in the near future and get closer to 0.30 USDT if the market turns bullish. However, the most important thing for NEM is to break through the current resistance level shown in the chart.

XEMUsdt Update (good Position for buy) by Shivaraax on

The analyst shared a 1-day analysis of the NEM/USDT trading pair in the Huobi exchange. We can see that there is an area of hard resistance that could get broken in the coming days and let the virtual currency start a new move higher. However, this didn’t happen until today. 

The digital currency could continue moving in the coming days towards 0.177 USDT or even higher. But this would only depend on the general market situation and whether Bitcoin and other digital currencies would start recovering after the recent China ban. 

The analyst shared some other areas including 0.35 USDT as the most recent high in 2021 and also different support levels below the current price of 0.1469 USDT.

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What Next?

Last year represented a turning point for the NEM blockchain and its token. It signaled some significant changes to the NEM’s ecosystem governance model. And now a new operational structure has been established. The new changes aim to correct previous mistakes and bottlenecks.

As such, the market has responded positively to the changes, and XEM gains over the past few months is a testament to this. With the upcoming launch of Catapult, the gains are expected to continue in the second half of the year, and it would be wise for any investor to add some XEM to their crypto portfolio to ensure they don’t miss out on the upcoming windfall.

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