NEO Weekly News Roundup January 2018

· 10 Jan 2018 in Crypto News, Home

The beginning new year has brought good news for the NEO environment. Since the January the 1st, different events are taking place and add interesting things to NEO and its community. Let’s have a look at what has happened.

First NEO European Tour – Dublin

On January the 8th, the first European meet up took part in Dublin and many enthusiasts decided to take part in the event. Indeed, there was so much interest for it, that the event was oversubscribed and many participants were left on the waiting list.

Malcom Lerider, senior R&D manager of NEO, was present and gave a speech to the audience. “We reckon we can do 3000 transactions per second now on the chain. Seriously, when other companies claim to be doing millions, you really do need to take a reality check,” he said.

Several questions were asked by the audience. One of these was regarding the centralized nature that NEO has in China. About it, Malcom said that, even when it is based in China, it is a distributed and decentralized platform created as a global project.

The tour will continue in London, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Vienna.

Ontology Reward Plan

Ontology, the ICO that is based on the NEO platform, will be distributing 1,000 ONT tokens to everyone who signed up to the newsletter. Ontology will not hold a public sale but will be running a token reward plan. Members who are eligible to receive the tokens will just have to pass a KYC process to ensure that they do not have multiple accounts.

Ontology has also explained how the token distribution will be. 12 percent for the Ontology community, 28 percent to institutional partners, 10 percent to the NEO Council, 25 percent to the Ontology ecosystem development fund, 10 percent to the Ontology technical community rewards and 15 percent to the Ontology core team.

CoZ New Neon Wallet v0.0.9

City of Zion released the Neon Wallet v0.0.9 that features QLC support. In addition to it, two bugs have been fixed. They have fixed the MAX button bug which caused the UI to break and the precision error in input calculation.

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