Purchase a House With Bitcoin? Yes – You Can Do That Now

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency has been around for a while, since 2009 to be precise, and has gone up a lot in value in recent years as it gets the attention of the world and broader adoption. Bitcoin which has been said to be the Gold 2.0 is now accepted in more and more places than ever.

What makes Bitcoin even more interesting is the fact that you can now purchase that expensive mansion for yourself or just for investing sakes with Bitcoin. You’d probably have argued this fact some few years back and would have thought it never would be possible.

As reported by Market4Cast, the first real estate purchased in Bitcoins was in the state of Texas. Though the amount paid was undisclosed, the newly built house had relaxing lounges, a modern kitchen fit for a chef, well-furnished master suites, and a landscaped garden. The building is located in the central part of Austin in Texas, few miles away from culturally-rich Downtown also known as the Live Music Capital of the world.

Bitcoin deals are easy and straightforward. In few minutes, you could have your Bitcoins exchanged for dollars if you want. It saves you time transacting in Bitcoin than fiat currency.

Ever since, more and more transactions are going down in the real estate sector with payments being processed in Bitcoins.

Here are hot deals you can take advantage of right now:

A 3 Bedroom Family House With Just 8.441 BTC

Located in Chicago, IL is a beautiful family home currently rented out. Unit presently rented out under section 8 with payment automatically received from the government.

The traditional styled singled family home built in 1948 with three bedrooms and two bathrooms is built on a 1,500sqft.

A 3 Story Of 6 Units Rental Building Going For 11.255 BTC

The beautiful three story is built on a 500 square foot premises. The multi-family building of 6 units of 2 bedroom apartments all with one bath unit each.

A Commercial Land In Chicago Selling For 11.255 BTC

The 48,000 square feet of land is located in an area with plenty of businesses. Property is suitable for commercial investment. Situated on Ashland Avenue, Chicago.

An Apple Farm At Shobak Jordan Near Ancient Petra Going For 118.725 BTC

The 787,000 Square Meters farm with over 25,000 apple trees and 8,000 olive trees with a 1,000 square meters warehouse storage with freezers. It’s also got underground water that supplies over 60 meters of water in an hour.

Building for all farm employees with two villas for managers and special guests is built in a beautiful and relaxing area on the premises. The farm can produce over 600 Tons of Apples which is worth 1.2 Million Pounds in 1 year. The olive trees also produce anything between 350 to 700 tanks each as well.

Property is excellent for long-term investment, and the best part is you have the opportunity to pay with Bitcoins. Payment includes all tractors and trailers used on the farm.

How To Invest In Real Estate With Bitcoin

If using Bitcoins to acquire a piece of property sounds well to you, to get started, you need to possess some Bitcoin to make payments first of all. You’d also need to choose a secured Bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet to store your coins.

Property investors or those who want to buy for their self can convert their fiat currencies, and property sellers can sell off their acquired Bitcoins from sales as well via Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

Want to find more properties you can purchase with Bitcoins? PropertiesForBitcoin has several houses on the market that can be bought using Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Investing in properties is a way of avoiding possible future devaluation (if there ever will be) and putting your investments into something brick and mortar.

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