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What is RIF Pinning: A New Decentralized Storage System

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To store our data, we rely on large and centralized data centres located in specific regions around the world. However, we do not take into consideration the lack of privacy we have and how our information is managed by just a few data centres and just some companies. 

This is why some projects are working on decentralized file storage systems that would help users store their information and data in a decentralized way. Rather than depending on these large companies that are data-hungry, we could use a system that protects values such as privacy or data freedom. 

Decentralizing Storage Systems

Decentralized technologies have been expanding around the world over the last few years. They are helping us build new solutions and services that do not depend on centralized authorities and companies. A decentralized file storage service is one of the most required and awaited types of decentralized solutions.

IPFS systems are protocols that allow users to store and share data in a decentralized way. Rather than depending on large and centralized platforms, users can store their data knowing that it is securely stored on a decentralized network of nodes. 

However, there are some issues that users have to address. One of them is related to the economic incentives for users to store other people’s data. In order to do so, pinning could be the best solution to use. 

RIF Pinning Solutions

RIF Pinning is the solution that helps users pay for the fees involved in pinning services. With RIF Pinning, it is possible for decentralized data storage providers to share their services and get rewarded for their contribution. 

These IPFS pinning services will share the price per GB per month and make it easier for users to get their data stored in a decentralized way. Users can then pay for the services using digital assets. At the moment, RBTC and RIF are available to use as a payment method. 

In order to start using RIF Pinning services, you do not have to do anything special. You should first go to the Storage Marketplace and start renting storage on IPFS. Once you do this, you would have to select the provider you want from the options available on the platform.

Remember that you will have to pay for the solutions. This is why there will be a “BUY” confirmation screen where you can upload the files or pin them to an existing hash. Once you are done, you should select the subscription period and the periods you want to purchase. 

If you want to also be part of this network and offer your storage to other users, you can also do so in just a few simple steps. You would allow other individuals to upload their files on your systems and receive a reward for the solutions you offer. 

In this way, it is possible to rely less on centralized services and increase our exposure to decentralized storage economies that are expanding all over the world at very fast rates. 

Table of Contents


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