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Robert Herjavec Believes Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Are “Here to Stay”

· 19 Feb 2018 in Cryptocurrency News, Home
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Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec thinks that the famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin is “here to stay.” According to him, the virtual currency will be regulated in the long term. Furthermore, he predicts that Bitcoin (and consequently cryptocurrencies), will keep rising in the short term surpassing $20,000 dollars, the highest price ever reached.

Bitcoin is Here to Stay

Mr Herjavec is the founder and CEO of the cybersecurity firm Herjavec Group, a firm that has been growing and has reached the top of the cybersecurity space. Herjavec thinks that a good strategy is to get in and get out of the crypto market and not hodling forever the cryptocurrencies that investors own.

“I don’t know if you want to own Bitcoin right now. I think you want to get in, and you want to get out (of it),” he commented during an interview with TheStreet.

The cryptocurrency market has reached new all time highs in December 2017. After it, Bitcoin has been traded under $6,000 dollars. This is the reason why Mr Herjavec believes that it is better to participate in the market by being in and out.

During the interview, he has also been asked about security in the cryptocurrency space. He said that crypto exchanges are not “prone to great security,” About it, we can mention different hacks that happened during all the cryptocurrency history, since MtGox until the latest BitGrail hack or Coincheck. Millions of dollars have been stolen from crypto exchanges.

About blockchain technology, he believes that it has an important future ahead. Transactions are registered securely and, in the next years, everything will be powered by this technology.

“I will walk somewhere and a sensor will automatically know it is me, the sensor will be linked to my bank, it will know how much money I have, I will pick up something like at the Amazon store, it will automatically be scanned, and as I leave, it will automatically be verified and paid for,” he commented about the possible uses of Blockchain technology

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