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Robert Kiyosaki Predicts Bitcoin’s Ascent to $135,000 Amidst Inflation Concerns

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Renowned author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” Robert Kiyosaki, has issued a bold prediction for Bitcoin, anticipating its value to soar to $135,000. In a message shared with his substantial 2.4 million-strong following on social media platform X, Kiyosaki espoused his confidence in hard assets, particularly spotlighting gold, Bitcoin, and silver as assets primed for significant appreciation.

As Bitcoin hovered around the $30,121 mark, breaching the significant $30,000 threshold, Kiyosaki projected a steep 350% ascent, driving its valuation to a staggering $135,000. In the same breath, the esteemed finance author expressed his expectation for gold to pierce the $2,100 mark and escalate to $3,700, with silver also anticipated to leap from $23 to $68 per ounce.

Kiyosaki’s predictions stem from his concerns regarding the inflationary pressures that continue to erode the purchasing power of the US dollar. In his view, those who cling to saving in dollars will confront diminishing wealth, as inflation disproportionately impacts the financial wellbeing of the poor and middle class. Conversely, the rich, who diversify their wealth into hard assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin, are poised to witness their fortunes swell amidst inflationary currents.

Earlier in the month, Kiyosaki issued a stark warning correlating the impending introduction of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) by the Federal Reserve to a prospective erosion of privacy. He cautioned that the surveillance capabilities intrinsic to CBDCs would elevate the worth of assets like Bitcoin, gold, silver, and cash to “priceless” status due to their relative anonymity.

In Kiyosaki’s narrative, the confluence of inflation and the advent of CBDCs underscores an urgent call to action for individuals to fortify their financial positions by accumulating hard assets. These assets, in his estimation, offer a sanctuary from the dual pressures of inflation and privacy erosion, heralding a new era where Bitcoin, gold, and silver may not just be valuable, but indeed, priceless.

Jay Solano

Jay Solano

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