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Smart Inu Aims To Boost Crypto Investing on BSC Network With Its Innovative Smart Contract Investment Solution

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London, United Kingdom, 8th November, 2021, Chainwire

Smart Inu, the only verified and audited smart contract investment platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, has introduced its innovative investment solution make it easier for users to start investing in crypto assets on BSC.

The Binance Smart Chain has seen explosive growth in developer and user activity since its launch in September 2020. It handles over ten million transactions a day. Smart Inu believes that smart contracts are the future of crypto investing and the BSC is the right blockchain to drive mass adoption.

Using smart contracts, Smart Inu aims to eliminate the risks that investors face in the crypto industry, including token scams, rug pulls, lack of liquidity, extreme volatility, and dishonest developers. Since its solution-based structure doesn’t require market volatility, users’ tokens and potential returns are not dependent on the market price swings. 

Smart Inu offers a computerized transaction protocol that automatically implements the terms of a contract between two parties. Similar to the common contract, both users on the platform have to define the rules and terms of engagement while transacting. Upon initiation of the smart contract, it runs as designed with zero possibility of altering the predetermined conditions.

Smart Inu is a community-driven project, meaning the community will vote on the future of the project. The platform with its innovative investment solution aims to offer investors predictable returns. Users must own the BNB token, a minimum of 0.01 BNB, to start investing. 

About Smart Inu

Headquartered in the UK, Smart Inu is a Binance Smart Chain-based investment platform that uses smart contracts to make crypto investing easier and safer for investors. Its smart contract-based investment solution removes the risk of token scams and rug pulls among other things. Smart Inu aims to change the way people perceive investing and trading in the crypto space. 

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