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Solana’s New York Web3 Embassy and Physical Store: All You Need to Know

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Located at 20 Hudson Yards, New York, it is the first physical store for Solana Spaces.

Visitors can now access Solana-based products, including educational content, NFTs, and blockchain activities. The physical store is a product of collaboration between various ecosystem partners and Solana Foundations.

Anyone interested in the recent crypto trends and products can visit the store to access programming services and tutorials.

Blockchain beginners can also use the Solana-based on-chain experience to gain rewards as they engage in the activities of their physical store.

Solana’s native cryptocurrency (SOL) is the ninth largest crypto in the market and has gained more popularity in the past year. Like Ethereum, Solana offers smart contracts that power several decentralized applications and products on their blockchain.

Features of the Solana Space Physical Store

Considered the world’s first educational and retail space dedicated to Web3, the Solana Spaces is packed with interactive installations and visuals highlighting some real-time blockchain activities as well as the newest transactions and minted NFT in the crypto market.

As crypto companies integrate their products into the mainstream platform, many companies are now branching out to “IRL” or in-real-life products to attract more investors and buyers.

Solana Spaces is the first of its kind in the crypto market to make this step toward mainstream integration of NFTs and other crypto products.

Here are some of the things that you can enjoy when you visit the physical store of Solana Spaces:

Generate Your Own Solana Phantom Wallets

Using a seed phrase booth, the Solana Spaces store will allow the users to generate their own Solana Phantom Wallet.

This Phantom wallet is a digital wallet created exclusively for Solana and Ethereum to store, receive, send, and swap tokens on the Solana blockchain.

To deposit tokens into your SOL digital wallet, you first need to download the Phantom wallet application.

You will find a ‘deposit’ option and copy your wallet address. Then go to Coinbase or whatever crypto exchange platform you use and click on the ‘withdraw SOL’ option to send tokens to your Phantom wallet.

Educational Courses

One of the store’s primary features is to help beginners better understand Web3, cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain. The store also features unlockable NFTs and cryptocurrencies, as if unlocking game items as you navigate their educational course.

Currently, you can have a chance to get an Orcanaut NFT if you are one of the first 100 people to take the trading tutorial.

Interactive Installations

Another great thing about Solana Spaces is that they feature an interactive installation visual that gives tutorials for beginners on how to set up a Phantom wallet and use platforms like STEPN, a move-to-earn app that lets you earn as you move around for your daily activities, and Magic Eden to browse the latest NFT collections in the market. 

The installation art gallery also displays the Degenerate Ape Academy Collection, a collection of 10,000 NFTs stored in the Solana blockchain.

All NFTs were minted last August 2021 and featured thousands of uniquely-designed smooth-brained apes with degenerate features that you can collect.


As one of Solana Spaces’ IRL features, they are also selling physical merchandise. These are not your ordinary merchandise, as these are in collaboration with some of the most popular NFT artists.

They feature various products, including socks, bags, shoes, shirts, caps, hoodies, and many more.


The interactive art installation in Solana Spaces also offers a demonstration for the upcoming Saga phone, a flagship Android phone tailored for Web3 programs.

It also can download ‘dApps’ (decentralized apps) with its dApps marketplace made for all things crypto-related like games, trading platforms, and wallets.

In the physical store, you can also check out Solana products such as T-shirts and hoodies. The best thing about this is that Solana Spaces will offer you a 50% discount for purchases that reach $200 if you pay using the Solana Pay app.

Exclusive NFTs and Upcoming Events

Solana Spaces’ other intended use is also for business gatherings and seminars. You can book events like these through their website.

Whether you have a trading platform to announce, an NFT release, a crypto-related product release, NFT game announcement, you can use the Space as it will become a hub for like-minded crypto enthusiasts.

In the current upcoming Degen Apes Academy In-Store event, with its date to be announced, you have a chance to win a DAA SFT if you are one of the first 100 to find the team.

We could expect more of these types of giveaways and events in the future of the store and other Solana Spaces. Keep posted on their Twitter page to stay on top of these events.

Table of Contents


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