Steps To Create Your Own Global Cloud Computing Business Using The Ease And Security Of Blockchain Payments With Unchainet

ยท 27 Sep 2018

A lot of excitement has been prevalent regarding Blockchain technology and its impact, especially in the finance sector. It is not unknown that Bitcoin’s value reached the sky in 2017 to more than $19000. And other cryptocurrencies also witnessed a huge increase over the years. However, there are many who believe that these cryptocurrencies are nothing but another bubble that will burst soon while others see it as the future of finance. Whatever it is, it can hardly be denied that cryptocurrency technology has come as a boon to human civilization. Considering this technology for cloud storage can bring about many changes in the way businesses think.

Storage infrastructure in businesses has transformed into a very centralized form. Businesses are now hosting their own servers and turning to the cloud.  The inherent centralization in cloud computing enables resources to be shared in a very cost-effective manner with higher efficiency and uptime. But the failure of this centralized system can cause huge havoc to an organization or business because when a company’s information is stored in the cloud, a large amount of trust is involved and endowed on these third parties, and it becomes a very responsible issue when the data is sensitive and this is where a distributed, decentralized approach comes into play i.e blockchain technology for cloud storage.

Startups and Blockchain Technology

The last few years have witnessed new startups and their utilization of blockchain technology. Here payments are occurring over the blockchain, which is done by breaking files into fragments after encryption of the same and distributing it intelligently across dozens of nodes in various countries.

Many benefits are associated with the use of this technology for cloud storage. Firstly, it is completely decentralized. Although Amazon S3 ensures that files are spread out among regional data centers but these data centers are a large point of failure because they are centralized, meaning all owned by Amazon S3. With Unchainet, however, your data remains fully decentralized and secured because the storage takes place on multiple nodes all over the globe not owned by any one company.

The Blockchain is a solution to another problem of privacy and security. It helps the user to have more privacy in data and user files and it is not easily accessible by any third party. The spread of encrypted fragments across multiple nodes is controlled by keys that users hold.

If you are someone looking forward to create your own global computing business by integrating blockchain then you must turn to a reputed hosting company like Unchainet. This platform by connecting people and enterprises with available computing resources and clients has made the new decentralized cloud and blockchain platform accessible to all.

Individuals, companies, hosting providers owning under-utilized data centers can get a reach worldwide within minutes by just connecting to Unchainet’s network. Renting server resources to a wide audience and earning money at the same time have become so much easier with Unchainet. The blockchain technology forms the heart of Unchainet network thus resource trading in its UNET cryptocurrency is hassle-free and easy.



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