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Top 10 Cryptocurrency YouTubers To Check Out

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Being new to the crypto space can be overwhelming. The good news is that the Internet provides a plethora of useful information, even though finding high-quality information can be troublesome at times.

One of the best places to find crypto-related content is YouTube, the world’s biggest video-sharing service. Regardless of you being a more data-driven and “techy” type of person, an investor, or simply interested in the general aspects of cryptocurrency, there’s a YouTube channel for everyone.

We’ve compiled a list of top 10 crypto YouTubers you should check out if you’re serious about cryptocurrency:

  1. Crypto Zombie

Boasting one of the quirkiest names on YouTube, Crypto Zombie is a channel that has great cryptocurrency reviews. It’s also a place where you can stay informed about the latest happenings in the crypto sphere. The channel includes ICO presentations, interviews, and all sorts of general discussions of various trending topics related to cryptocurrency.

The channel currently has 32,000 subscribers, but considering K-DUB’s “flow,” don’t be surprised if the channel will quickly become one of the most popular of its type on YouTube.

2. DataDash

DataDash seems to be the undisputed YouTube king of crypto, hence its immense subscriber list of almost 311,000. The face of the channel is Nicholas Merten, a young crypto enthusiast, and former data analyst. The channel offers a broad range of crypto information and general advice, as well as Nicholas’ own opinions on various matters.

Viewers interested in coin reviews, trading tips, flowchart explanations, as well as other advanced technical details will surely find this channel very informative.

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3. Crypto Investor

If crypto investments and understanding the market’s dynamics are your main priorities, then Crypto Investor is a channel you will most likely enjoy, as it’s run by a knowledgeable person with a background in finance. The channel is not as active as other similar ones on YouTube, hence, if staying on top of the latest news is what you’re after, this is probably not for you.

Most of the channel’s content revolves around the fundamental analysis of cryptocurrencies and value investing. The channel also boasts a lot of content that should help you stay away from scams.

4. Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech is a very popular YouTube channel run by Ivan Liljeqvist, a Swedish international blockchain speaker, educator, and influencer. With a strong background in software development, Ivan tends to keep all his 183,000 subscribers well informed in regards to all the important technicalities of the crypto space.

Ivan features all sorts of relevant news, stories, and even interviews with some of the most important people in the crypto sphere, enough to keep everybody entertained and focused for hours on end. Regardless of you being a beginner in the crypto space or a hardcore crypto veteran, Ivan on Tech is a place where you will feel right at home.


Source: https://www.ivanontech.com/

5. Doug Polk Crypto

Doug Polk is one of the few people on YouTube who can make cryptocurrency fun. The professional poker player with an eye for cryptocurrency has found success with his YouTube channel that currently has 201,000 subscribers.

6. Suppoman

Definitely one of the most charismatic characters in the crypto space, Suppoman deems himself as the Crypto Superhero. And, he has a YouTube channel and enough followers (147,000 subscribers) to prove it. Suppoman’s style may not be for everybody, but his channel is great when you just want to get a feel for the latest news, as well as get a clear idea about the pros and cons of various cryptocurrencies.

7. Boxmining

Run by Michael Gu, Boxmining is a very useful and educative channel with a strong focus on providing its subscribers with daily analysis of the blockchain market. The channel features well-made videos that break down some of the most relevant topics, accessible by novices and experts alike. One of the highlights of the channel is Michael’s views regarding various events from both China’s crypto space and the international one.

You won’t find trading tips and hints on this channel and, considering just how volatile and unpredictable the crypto market is, that’s probably a good thing.

8. Coin Mastery

If crypto trading is what you are into, then Coin Mastery is one of the best channels on YouTube. The channel has 131,000 subscribers and provides daily updates on the cryptocurrency markets and various crypto trends, discussions about the latest news, as well as decent market predictions. Carter Thomas’ channel is mostly geared towards the needs of the professional investor rather than those of the average trader.

9. Crypt0

Crypt0 is one of the most comprehensive YouTube channels, covering a large array of crypto-related topics, from Reddit discussions to some of the latest and exciting blockchain/crypto news. The face of the channel is Omar Bham, which shows a deep understanding of both the technology behind cryptocurrencies and their social and financial implications and effects.

Omar is also very fond of its followers since the engagement rates are quite high. He usually responds to comments and hosts regular Q&A sessions.

10. Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is one of the biggest names in the crypto sphere that doesn’t require much introduction. Unsurprisingly, the long-time Bitcoin evangelist and blockchain advocate’s YouTube channel is a must-subscribe for any crypto aficionado. On his channel, which currently has 154,000 subscribers, you will find Andreas’ fascinating and inspiring speeches and talks, as well as various Q&As regarding Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Source: https://antonopoulos.com/


Know of any other good Youtubers? How about some up-and-coming channels? Leave your favorite personalities or videos below in the comments!


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