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VISA CEO Reveals They Are interested in Cryptocurrencies

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The CEO and Chairman of Visa, Alfred F. Kelly Jr. has shown they are bullish on virtual currencies. In a recent interview with CNBC, he talked very positively about cryptocurrencies. At the same time, he mentioned they are working with around 25 crypto companies from all over the world. 

VISA CEO: We are Very Interested  in Cryptocurrencies

Several large companies continue to show they are interested in Cryptocurrencies. One of the firms that showed interest in this industry was Visa. The CEO of the company said during an interview they are working with crypto companies and that they are very interested in them. 

Alfred F. Kelly Jr. said about their involvement in the crypto market:

“Crypto is a developing part of payments in the world. It’s in the very nascent state right now, and we’re very interested in cryptocurrencies.”

He has also mentioned how they are helping the cryptocurrency market expand. They are facilitating companies with the possibility to use Visa in their systems. At the same time, users can also convert their cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies and use them anywhere to pay for goods and services. 

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Indeed, there are several companies already working with VISA in the crypto market. These firms are allowing users to use their virtual currencies ina  VISA-backed debit card. Once the user pays for a good or service, the funds are immediately transformed into fiat currencies. 

This is helping increase the adoption of virtual currencies. Users are requesting VISA debit cards and pay using cryptocurrencies in every single place where VISA is already accepted. 

The CEO of VISA commented that, although it may take some years, they are open to any vehicle that helps facilitate the moment of money around the world. In addition to it, he stated that they want to be in the middle of it. Furthermore, he mentioned that cryptocurrencies could have a major role in emerging countries.

Companies such as Binance or Crypto.com are already offering users with debit cards. They can be used to acquire good and services using digital assets. The cryptocurrencies get automatically converted into fiat currencies in order for the merchant to receive the funds. 

In the last few months, cryptocurrencies have been expanded. Several digital assets were able to break out from multi-year bear trends. Bitcoin (BTC) is now getting closer to $20,000 and Ethereum could be moving towards $1,000 in the coming weeks. 

Table of Contents


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