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4 Things You Can Do With Bitcoin In 2019

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Ten years after its launch, there are now many people that now know of Bitcoin thanks to its explosion in price in 2017 and the crash that followed in 2018. It has also begun to experience a level of mainstream adoption even though volatility and some other issues hold it back from being accepted as currency by everyone.

However, this has not stopped some forward-thinking companies and individuals from accepting the cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Below we are going to look at four things you can do with Bitcoin in 2019.

Pay For A Trip To Space

Starting this year It will be possible to pay for a trip to space in Bitcoin thanks to Virgin Galactic. This was initially revealed in 2013 by Sir Richard Branson in a tweet made in 2013.

He said that those willing to tour the space would be allowed to pay in Bitcoin. Also, at the time he revealed that a female flight attendant had purchased her ticket using Bitcoin.

Branson has been very supportive of Bitcoin over the years. At the time he said Bitcoin just like Virgin Galactic was forward thinking and it made sense for the company to allow virtual currencies to pay for space journeys.

Fast forward to 2019, and it seems many will realize their dream of touring the space while they pay in Bitcoin. This is after the successful test launch of the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo last December.

Speaking to CNBC, Branson said that he planned to take a trip to space in the middle of this year and space tourist would also follow soon after.

For those interested, the trip will cost anywhere from $200,000 to $250,000.

Use Bitcoin For A Better Gambling Experience

You may not live by a casino, or your local casino has limited games and slots that you’re able to play. That won’t matter any longer, as online gambling using Bitcoin has exploded with the cryptocurrency gaining mainstream attention in the last years.

Bitcoin gambling sites offer tons of options for slots, live games, sports betting and more. It’s opened a whole new way to earn and win cryptocurrency. Blockchain betting also means that there’s a future of concise record keeping and transparency as far as odds, betting histories, and winning slot machines.

Buy Dallas Mavericks Tickets Using Bitcoin

Starting the 2018/2019 season Dallas Mavericks fans are eligible to purchase tickets using Bitcoin. The announcement was made last year in a tweet by the team owner Mark Cuban.

However, Mavericks isn’t the only NBA team that accepts Bitcoin payments for tickets. Sacramento Kings was the first team in the league to accept BTC for tickets and promotional products back in 2014.

Pay For Plane Ticket Using Bitcoin

Many airlines and agencies accept Bitcoin payments as of 2019. Given that airline ticket prices change from minute to minute and the apparent volatility of cryptocurrencies, to address the issue, many airlines and agencies have partnered with exchanges to ensure they accept payment at the exact market value when the transaction is made.

Some of the airlines and agencies that accept Bitcoin payments include; airBaltic which began taking Bitcoin payments in 2015. It uses BitPay as its payment processor. BTCtrip.com is an online travel agency that allows individuals to pay for flights using Bitcoin.

Others include Cheapair.com which was the first US website to accepting Bitcoin payments for travel, Expedia an online travel agency that accepts BTC for hotels, not flights and Destinia.com a Spanish online travel agency that takes BTC for flights, hotels, and car rentals.


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