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Anonymous Analyst That Predicted Bitcoin’s Price Surge Says It Could Reach $16,000

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Back in January 2019, an anonymous crypto analyst suggested that Bitcoin could be moving to $5,300 in April and $9,200 in July 2019. Although we are not in July yet, the $9,200 price target has been accomplished. The upcoming levels he suggested include Bitcoin at $16,000 in October 2019, $29,000 in February 2020, $56,000 in July 2020 and $87,000 in November next year.

Anonymous Analyst Predicted Bitcoin’s Price Surge To $9,200

In January 2019, an anonymous analyst wrote on 4chan his price prediction for Bitcoin during the next two years. At that time, he said that Bitcoin was experiencing its last three months of accumulation before the beginning of a bull market.

The first price prediction he made was for April 2019 with Bitcoin being traded around $5,300. Later in May, the bull trend continued and in June, just a few hours ago, Bitcoin surpassed $9,200, which was the second prediction made by the analyst. He said that by July 2019, Bitcoin was going to be traded around $9,200.

Back in January, Bitcoin was just leaving a bear market that bottomed in December 2018 when the most popular digital asset traded briefly under $3,200.

The analyst wrote about it:

“The bottom was December 15 2018. Just look at the charts. We are in the bull market. We are currently in the last three months of accumulation stage. After that, we will slowly rise and rise. Then we will boom. Screen cap this.”

In order for Bitcoin to reach $16,000 by October this year, the virtual currency would have to continue its upward trend that started in April this year. Although this seems difficult, there are large chances for Bitcoin to be traded close to $16,000 in the coming months.

Bitcoin would also have to pass through different resistance levels, including $10,000, $12,000, $13,000 and $15,000, which might not be as easy to break as previous ones. The predictions made by this analyst have been very accurate and have predicted Bitcoin’s performance during these months. It is now just a matter of time to see whether Bitcoin will reach $16,000 in the next four months.

The other bullish levels predicted by the analyst include $29,000 by February 2020, $56,000 by July 2020, and $87,000 by November 2020. However, it is not clear if he tried to write $87 rather than $87,000.

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