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Arkham Intelligence Reveals Grayscale’s Massive $16 Billion Bitcoin Reserves

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Crypto analytics firm Arkham Intelligence has disclosed details on the Bitcoin holdings of Grayscale, a leading cryptocurrency fund manager. This announcement comes less than a week after Arkham divulged information regarding Grayscale’s Ethereum reserves.

In a recent post on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), Arkham Intelligence spotlighted a message from Grayscale, shared in the wake of FTX’s financial troubles and the growing trend of proof-of-reserve audits. Although Grayscale had previously stated that its Bitcoin was securely held by Coinbase, the specific on-chain addresses had not been made public.

In a follow-up announcement, Arkham clarified that Grayscale is the second-largest holder of Bitcoin, managing assets exceeding $16 billion. According to Arkham, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust assets are dispersed across more than 1,750 separate addresses, each containing no more than 1,000 BTC. Arkham also provided a link for crypto enthusiasts to delve into Grayscale’s extensive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency holdings via their platform.

The link reveals that Grayscale’s assets include an impressive $16 billion in Bitcoin, along with nearly $5 billion in Ethereum. Furthermore, the fund manager holds approximately $1.86 million in Chainlink (LINK), 1.74 million in Polygon (MATIC), and a modest assortment of other alternative cryptocurrencies. All told, the total value of Grayscale’s assets, calculated using current cryptocurrency market rates, surpasses $20.9 billion, with Bitcoin and Ethereum making up the majority of its portfolio.

Arkham Intelligence is not the first to examine Grayscale’s Bitcoin holdings. A researcher from OXT, known as “Ergo,” had previously dissected Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust in a social media thread. This analysis followed Grayscale’s public statement on their reserves after the FTX incident. Ergo had also traced assets linked to Coinbase Custody, initially identifying over 600,000 BTC as part of Grayscale’s holdings. According to the latest data from Arkham, Grayscale’s current Bitcoin balance stands at about 627,779 BTC.

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