Best Verge Wallets To Secure Your XVG Funds


Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


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Verge (XVG) became one of the most influential cryptocurrencies around the world thanks to its unique features and potential. This is why investors are searching for the best wallet for Verge. There are different Verge tor wallets that you can use to secure your XVG funds. But which is the most suitable for you? 

This guide will cover all the details about Verge (XVG) wallets and how you can protect your funds directly from your smartphone or computer. Furthermore, we will also share with you information about the most common problems faced by the Electrum verge wallet, among other things. Are you ready?

Types of Verge Wallet

Before we start, we need to know that there are different types of Verge wallets in the market. Each of them is different and would have diverse characteristics that adapt to different types of investors. 

There are two main types of cryptocurrency wallets: software wallets and hardware wallets. Both of these types of wallets are commonly used but hardware wallets are usually for investors that hold digital currencies as a long-term investment. 

Software Wallet

Software wallets are the most common types of wallets to hold Verge. These types of wallets are usually downloaded to your smartphone or to your desktop computer and they can be used to send,r receive and hold XVG tokens. Some software wallets nowadays allow users to hold not only XVG but also a large number of other virtual currencies. 

For example, a Verge web wallet would be considered a software wallet. The only difference is that a web wallet for Verge would be sued through a web browser rather than downloading it to your smartphone or computer. 

If you want to hold and handle XVG coins on a daily basis, you should definitely use an XVG wallet. This would be the easiest way for you to hold and manage your funds. Usually, software wallets are not so secure as hardware wallets as you must make sure that your computer and your smartphone are free of malicious software as this could end up controlling your coins. 

Hardware Wallet

Now, if you want to protect your funds for longer periods of time or if you hold large amounts of XVG, then you should get a Verge hardware wallet. This is very important as you will be completely protected against possible attacks from the internet or from malicious parties. 

Unfortunately, Verge wallet Ledger is not available right now. That means that Ledger users would not be able to hold XVG on their hardware wallets. But there are other options that would let you keep your XVG coins outside the reach of hackers and attackers: a Verge paper wallet. 

Take into consideration that a paper wallet is not the best option to hold your funds as you might lose the paper where you hold your private keys or it can get lost. The best way is to buy a hardware wallet that supports XVG and keep it for a longer period. 

Verge Wallet Not Connected Problems

We have heard that there are several problems related to the Verge wallet. Some of these problems include the following:

  • Verge Electrum wallet not connected
  • Verge wallet out of sync
  • Verge wallet not connection
  • Verge wallet offline
  • Verge wallet not syncing

But there are many other Verge wallet issues that have been affecting users from all over the world. Now, the question is how to solve these problems and be able to normally use Verge’s wallets. 

One of the first things you have to do if your Electrum wallet not connecting problem does not get solved is to download a Verge wallet update. Sometimes, when your Verge wallet sync process starts it is not able to get completed if you do not have the last version of the wallet installed. 

Installing the latest updates for your apps is a recommended thing to do on a daily basis. Thus, this could solve the problem of your Verge tor wallet no connection issue. If you do not know how to sync your Verge wallet, you should always contact the support team of the wallet you are using in order to give you some help and advice on how to proceed. 

How to Use Verge Wallets?

The question now is how to use Verge wallets? There is no specific rule on how to use a Verge wallet, however, you need to know some basic things about the way in which your wallet works. 

You should know that a Verge wallet includes your public address and also your private keys. The public address is used to receive transactions. If you want to send XVG from an exchange to your wallet, you would use your public keys. 

Instead, the private keys are the most important part of the wallet as they are proof that you are the owner of your XVG coins. You should not give this private key to anybody, even if they claim to be from the XVG wallet team. 

If you lose access to your wallet, your private key would let you access to your funds anywhere in the world in just some simple steps. 

For those users that want to hold their XVG coins for a long time, the best thing to do is simply leaving them in a wallet and not using them. However, this strategy could be risky as the price of XVG might trend downwards during long periods of time before recovering an investment. It is up to you to decide which XVG wallet you use and how you use your coins. 

Best Verge Wallets Available

Now it is time to understand which is the best Wallet for Verge coin. Unfortunately, we should tell you that there is no best waller for Verge coin, as there are several wallets that would let you hold and store your XVG digital currencies. 

The best Verge crypto wallet would be the one that would offer you all the things you are looking for on a crypto wallet. Some investors would prefer wallets with support to different blockchains while others would prefer to focus just on Verge. 

How to Install Verge Wallets?

In order to install your Verge currency wallet, you will need a smartphone or your desktop computer. This would let you download your Verge wallet to the device you like the most. There are Verge wallets for both iOS devices and also for Android smartphones, making it possible for everyone to get access to an XVG wallet. 

If you install your wallet on your desktop computer, you should only follow the instructions of the wallet provider as it changes depending on the company. 

VergePay Wallet

The most popular Verge wallet is called VergePay. This is the wallet provided by the Verge project and is considered to be the Verge core wallet. VergePay is a wallet to be used on a daily basis as it provides an easy to use interface for users to easily transact their funds. 

Thanks to this wallet, you get low fees, quick transactions and also the possibility to use it on a wide range of devices. Verge Wallet iOS is available in the App Store and it can be installed in just seconds. 

When it comes to a Verge desktop wallet, we need to take into consideration that there is a Verge wallet Mac users would use and another one for Linux or Windows users. The same happens with a Verge wallet Android users would download. 

Verge’s official site includes all the necessary information for individuals to get unique access to the VergePay wallet. This includes official downloads, instructions and more useful information about this software wallet. There is even a small section on how to build a paper wallet. 

Electrum Wallet Verge

The Electrum wallet for Verge users was not the best in the market. If you are using this wallet, then you should search for your private keys and move the coins to another crypto wallet that supports Verge.

electrum logo Verge wallet

As previously mentioned in this post, the Electrum wallet for Verge users was not working properly and many users reported that the wallet experienced different issues. For example, users claimed that the wallet was not connecting or not syncing, and this is definitely a problem for those users that want to send and receive XVG coins regularly. 

If you are a new XVG user, you should definitely avoid this wallet and try using another option. There are many other solutions available right now that would let you hold and manage your XVG funds in a fast and easy way without having to be worried about connection issues. 


Coinomi, for example, is a recognized cryptocurrency wallet that lets users store XVG and more than 1,770 other blockchain assets. This shows that it is one of the most useful and powerful cryptocurrency wallets out there. 

coinomi wallet logo

This can also be one of the best Verge Android wallets in the market as it offers support for Apple devices, Android smartphones, Windows, Linux and macOS. The wallet has been downloaded by millions of users that handle their coins and manage their portfolios. 

Coinomi works as a security-first and multi-chain crypto wallet for both mobile and desktop users that want to have an easy-to-use and clear experience when handling their digital currencies. Moreover, Coinomi wallet has one of the highest levels of trust as it was founded back in 2014 and it works as the oldest multi-chain wallet right now. 

Guarda Wallet

Guarda wallet is another popular crypto wallet that offers XVG support for users. Individuals can stake, exchange, earn and buy Bitcoin, Ehtereum and many other virtual currencies, including XVG. That means that this is a multi-currency wallet that focuses on offering a wide range of services to users from all over the world. 

Guarda wallet Logo on Purple backdrop

The wallet is also available for iOS and Android devices, among other platforms, making it definitely an interoperable cryptocurrency wallet. Additionally, this might be one of the few wallets with a referral program included. That means that if you hold XVG and your friends do the same, you can always refer them and get some rewards for doing so.

Finally, the Guarda wallet includes many other features such as staking and crypto exchanging. In this way, users do not have to rely on other exchanges to buy and sell digital currencies. Everything can be handled through this wallet. 

Atomic Wallet

Let’s continue with Atomic wallet and the services that it is currently offering to XVG users. This wallet makes it possible for individuals not only to have access to their digital assets but also to stake their coins, for example, Solana (SOL). 

Atomic Wallet Logo, one of the best BCH Wallet

As we see, these wallets focus not only on offering XVG solutions but also on many other cryptocurrencies and services. At the moment, users can stake different coins including AWC, ZIL, BAND, ATOMI, ICX and ADA, among others. 

Furthermore, Atomic wallet has a unique portfolio tracking section that would let you keep your funds under control at all times. Thanks to this wallet, you would not only be able to get access to your XVG funds but also to many other coins you could have, including BTC, ETH, XRP or LTC.

Finally, if you exchange your coins using the platform, you will get a 1% cashback per transaction. You would be able to swap more than 60 different crypto pairs anonymously. 

Voyager Wallet

Finally, we have Voyager wallet, which is considered to be a wallet that lets you handle not only BTC but also more than 60 different digital assets from all over the world. If you are searching for a Verge wallet, then Voyager could be a great option for you. 

This wallet has also been featured in Fortune, Bloomberg, Coindesl and Investopedia, among others, showing that there is community recognition for this software wallet. Thanks to its solutions, users would also be able to earn up to 12% in annual rewards beating your bank and earning funds on your digital assets without lockups or limits. 

Finally, you can also buy and sell digital currencies using this wallet. Thus, it would make it easier for you to get access to the virtual currency market without having to rely on third-party apps or some of the digital currency exchanges available.