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Binance Coin (BNB)Price Prediction 2020- Experts Take And Bullish Technical Outlook

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(Updated January 15, 2020)  Binance coin had a spectacular year in 2019, even though its growth did slow down in the second half of the year. Buoyed by the launch of several IEOs through the Binance launchpad, BNB managed to outperform BTC by the end of the year achieving gains of over 150%. Remember this token at some point in 2019 managed to register gains of over 600%.

Key to the success of BNB has been how Binance exchange has masterfully managed to engineer the token to become an all-encompassing aspect of every facet of its ever-growing ecosystem. So far, it’s being used to purchase tokens for various IEOs, BEP2 transaction fees, DEX listing fees, and BEP2 token migrations.

This increased utility means BNB will continue to perform well throughout 2020.

In this piece, we are going to take a look at expert opinions and technical analysis, which suggest that BNB is set for good times in 2020.

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Experts’ Opinion On Why BNB Price Will Rise

Tomaino, a former Coinbase employee, believes that there is a bullish case for BNB token. He argues that this will remain to be the case of Binance maintains its dominance in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. This is contingent on Binance evolving with improvements in decentralized exchange services. This will see the coin’s price surge.

According to a leading crypto publication, Binance platform has successfully launched several projects, such as the BitTorrent token (BTT) and Fetch.AI (FET) token, and it is also planning to revive initial coin offerings by generating quality tokens with strong user cases, which will encourage massive participation. Such developments will increase BNB’s adoption, and boost its price. 

 Messari, Binance’s news platform, reported that the ROI for BNB over the last one year was 154%. However, in the last six months, the ROI increased to 560%. Part of the reason is the platform’s strategy of frequently ‘burning’ BNB to constrict supply.  As a proven strategy, this shows that the coin’s price will rise. 

Additionally, believes that Binance Coin is a profitable investment option. According to the site’s long-term forecasts, an increase is expected. The price prognosis for 2024-06-22 is $71.763. With a 5-year investment, the ROI is expected to be +93%. This prediction is based on previous and current developments on Binance platform, and its future plans. 

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Other factors that promise to push the price of BNB even higher.

BNB Is Fast Becoming The Next ICO Token

The rise to prominence of the IEO fundraising model has played a crucial role in the growth of BNB. Binance kept their promise of supporting at least one project every month through its launchpad.

By the end of the year, the exchange had held IEOs for eleven different projects, including; BitTorrent, Fetch.AI, Celer, Matic, Harmony, Elrond, WINk, Perlin, Band, Kava, and Troy.

The Launchpad allows projects to issue their tokens on the Binance Chain, which offers a simple and less error-prone platform compared to writing smart contract code.

It also provides the projects a chance to get their tokens listed on the Binance DEX by being voted by the community.

To participate, one needs to have BNB, and this explains why we saw the token increase in value in 2019. With more IEOs scheduled to be launched this year, we can expect to see the price of BNB continue to appreciate.

You Can Now Purchase Real Estate Using BNB

On October 10, 2018 Propy, a real estate firm that accepts payments in cryptocurrencies announced that it would take BNB for property purchases. The announcement was made via Twitter, and it had Changpeng Zhao the CEO of Binance excited:

“Propy will accept BNB for home buying! @Binance Chain is coming and $BNB, which is a great store of value today, will turn into programmable money. For the rapidly growing BNB community, we make it possible to invest in real estate with easy paperwork at Propy.”

Propy is a global real estate marketplace that has a decentralized title registry. By adding BNB as a payment option, the team behind the company aims to resolve issues that hamper international real estate transactions.

Also, they aim to create a unified property store and asset transfer platform for the global real estate industry.

Propy uses smart contracts to connect buyers, sellers, brokers, and escrow/title agents/notaries.

This move is significant for Binance Coin because as more people opt to pay for their property using BNB expect its price to rise higher.

Pay For Your Flight Using BNB

Recently Binance teamed up with TravelBit an Australian company to create a point of sale (POS) in airports both locally and internationally. The partnership saw Binance invest $2.5 million in the startup. So far, the company has managed to launch a payment system in Brisbane airport.

With the money invested by Binance, TravelBit intends to set up cryptocurrency payment terminals in other major airports around the world. It’s a move that will accelerate crypto mass adoption.

Currently, the new POS terminals accept only the top crypto coins – Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. And very soon BNB will be added on that list. What could this mean for BNB price? We’ll have to see, but it could be huge, as the travel industry touches billions.

TravelBit describes itself as the world’s first digital currency airport. Together with Binance, both plan to promote blockchain based technologies globally.

On the partnership, Changpeng Zhao said:

“Real usage is the most important factor on the way to cryptocurrencies’ adoption. It’s difficult to imagine a better example of cryptocurrency usage than traveling as right after you land in a foreign country you can find yourself lack of local currency.”

In conclusion, these three instances serve to show the growing acceptance of the Binance Coin. It’s safe to expect this adoption to be reflected on its price very soon.

In more minor news, BNB continues to see investment interest from different strategies used by Some of those include:

  1. Lower transaction fees when it is used as the transacting cryptocurrency on the Binance exchange.
  2. Various trading competitions which periodically award BNB tokens as prizes. Binance’s Twitter feed has provided some details of the latest Binance competition which will give out 8000 BNB tokens.
  3. The global expansion of Binance, which has recently opened an African office in Uganda.

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Technical Outlook On BNB Price

BNB Set For 2020

Binance Coin Is Ready For Another Round | Full Analysis | 50%+? by alanmasters on

The analyst says that Binance Coin ( BNB/BTC ) now has a beautiful bullish chart to start 2020 with a Boom!

He analysis multiple signals which all point in the same direction;

  • We have a wave that peaked on the 13-Nov and hit a low on the 23-Dec. The low hit is the same as back in late September (yellow circles).
  • After this low was hit, the bounce pushed prices above EMA10, and bull/green volume started to increase.
  • We have a broken downtrend line (black dotted).
  • The RSI/STOCH hit oversold and is curving up and gaining momentum.
  • Bullish divergence with the MACD

All these are bullish signals.

The signals are not really that important as prices can still go down and move lower just as they can move higher, what is really important is where the candles close.

If BNB/BTC remains above the last low, 0.0018010, consolidation can happen until the next bullish move. If this low is broken, we can expect lower prices.

The analyst ends the analysis by saying that BNB is a very solid altcoin and can be bought not only for short/mid-term profits but also for the long-term.

BNB Elliot Waves Analysis – Bearish by Elliot618 on

The analyst says that we are still in a correction looking to complete the final wave 5. He uses numbers instead of letters to make it easier to understand for those not familiar with Elliot count.

The waves seem to fall into place very neatly; the latest bullish momentum appears to be in 3 waves up, waves A and C both have 5 wave sub-counts. Since it’s a 3-wave move up, we are now expecting 5 more waves down to complete the final leg of C. Ignore the time frames as this can take from a few weeks to a few months. 

Elliot believes we are going down to retest the height of the previous bottom. This whole move down, he believes, is wave (2) of the bull market; after this correction ends, we can continue to wave 3 sometime late 2020, which is likely to take us to an all-time high for BNB. 

The analyst drew a small bird’s eye view snapshot of where we are in the correction currently to give you an idea, hope it helps some people get the bigger picture. The analyst concludes by claiming that he is bearish short term and bullish long term.

BNBUSD Current position Death Cross..? by CryptoSahab on

After successfully managing to predict BNBUSD buy zone correctly, the analyst now believes that the dead cross is about to happen. If it happens, prepare to grab some BNB between $14 -$18.

Interestingly, the analyst had already informed us about the downtrend when BNBUSD was around $30.

Therefore, the analyst advises that you should save your money and continue equiping yourself with knowledge on future BNB price movement as the BNB/USD pair is has great potential in the Long term.

The analyst, long term target, lies between $100-$200.

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It’s clear from the above analysis, expert opinions and the general bullish mood within the crypto market that this would be the perfect time to get your hands on some BNB. Especially now that the market has retracted as it prepares for the next rally as we move closer towards the final quarter of the year.

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