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Binance Coin To Be Used in Decentraland’s Virtual LAND Auctions

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The popular crypto exchange Binance and Decentraland sign a new partnership to improve blockchain-gaming solutions. The information was released a few days ago by Binance in a blog post. Users can now use Binance Coin (BNB) on Decentraland’s action for virtual world spaces.

Binance Coin to be Used in Decentraland

Binance Coin is one of the largest virtual currencies in the market. Launched by the popular virtual currency exchange Binance, the coin has handled the bear market better than other competitors. BNB is currently being used at the exchange and it has also expanded to other platforms.

Now, users of the Trust Wallet will be able to take part in the LAND auction on the Decentraland blockchain platform. The auction starts on December 10 and Trust Wallet users will also be able to win LANDs and MANA prizes. Additionally, Binance will be in charge of hosting several Decentraland-related events.

The official press release written by Binance reads as follows:

“Now, we’re expanding BNB’s use case into the virtual world, thanks to Decentraland accepting BNB in its upcoming LAND auction. To further integrate the Binance ecosystem into the virtual world, the auction can be accessed through the dApp browser of our Trust Wallet, once again proving that the crypto wallet app is at the forefront of pushing for the adoption of blockchain technologies.”

Decentraland is a blockchain platform that builds and shares 3D content. Users have ownership of their digital space. Each virtual land parcel is called LAND. In the next auction, Decentraland will be offering 9,300 unowned LAND parcels for sale.

Interested users in joining the LAND auction can do so in a very easy way. The first thing to do is to install the Trust Wallet application that is available for both iOS and Android devices. Load some BNB or MANA and use it for the auction. With the Trust Wallet’s dApp browser users must go to market.decentraland-org and click the Auction page.

At the same time, the exchange is also offering the possibility for traders to participate in Binance’s MANA trading competition. Binance users that trade MANA will receive a chance to win MANA tokens. The exchange will be giving away 1.8 million MANA to the top 100 Binance users ranked by effective trading volume.

Decentraland’s virtual currency, MANA, is currently the 62nd crypto with a market capitalization of $66 million. Each MANA can be purchased for $0.0636. Binance Coin, instead, is the 13th largest virtual currency by market capitalization ($776 million). In the last 24 hours is price experienced a growth of 17.53% according to CoinMarketCap. Each BNB token can be purchased for over $6.

A few days ago, Binance Coin has also been accepted as a means of payment by Tripio. Tripio is a travel site that allows users to book their hotels with Binance Coin. The information was released on Twitter a few days ago. Users will have the possibility to pay for over 450,000 hotel rooms around the world. This shows that Binance Coin is growing in the virtual currency market and in many different industries.

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