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Binance Leverages ChatGPT For Enhanced Learning At Web3 Academy

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Following its most recent release in late November 2022, the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT dominated worldwide. Despite the fact that the technology was initially met with considerable opposition, utilization keeps on growing.

Binance, a cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain technology developer, has announced that ChatGPT will be integrated into its education platform, Binance Academy. The company has introduced a new tool named “Binance Sensei,” which utilizes AI, according to a blog post published on April 24.

The bot employs machine learning to source solutions from Binance’s education platform, Binance Academy, in order to respond to user queries on a variety of Web3-related topics.

This new “AI-powered mentor” requires users to prompt it with a specific query or keywords, from which the Sensei ought to generate a “concise, approximately 150-word summary” for each user.

On Twitter, the Binance community has started to respond to the announcement of the AI-powered coach, with users querying the wisdom of allowing a robot to be your educator.

The new AI-based learning tool from Binance is not the first time the technology has been used in the cryptocurrency industry; in fact, AI has even contributed to the efficiency of the meme-coin community. 

Microsoft, Google, and the e-commerce titan Alibaba have each announced their own variants of ChatGPT.

The adoption of AI has been facilitated by the race to AI, but it has also raised worries about what the technology could become if unchecked. The European Union’s regulators have chosen to look into the AI algorithms of Big Tech companies, but Italy was among the first to ban the use of the technology temporarily.

As AI spreads more widely, industry insiders predict that regulations may soon be tightened in this area.
Additionally, Chinese authorities plan to impose required security audits for any AI services offered in the nation.

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