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Bitcoin Wallet Linked To Mt Gox Hack Shows Signs Of Activity With $60 Million Transfer

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Onchain data shows that after lying idle since December 19, 2013, a Bitcoin whale address moved 2,071.5 bitcoin, valued at almost $60 million. Interestingly, this Bitcoin address is connected to two wallets connected to the now-defunct exchange Mt Gox and transmitted 10,000 Bitcoin for the first time in nine years.

Mt Gox-Associated Wallet Shows Activity With 2,071 BTC Move

A wallet that had been dormant since 2013 moved 2,071.5 BTC  on April 19, 2023. When the holdings first arrived at the address “1JdTW,” it was estimated to be worth roughly $1.36 million. By the time of the transfer on Wednesday, it had grown to be around $60 million. The movement was detected by a number of BTC parsers, including Btcparser.com. Additionally, Taisia, the administrator of the “GFISchannel” Telegram channel and a blockchain researcher, was interviewed by Bitcoin.com News on the topic. The recent movement of 2,071.5 BTC was further discussed  by blockchain researcher Taisia, who is also the administrator of the Telegram channel “GFISchannel.” 

Taisia discovered that the money was linked to the “1McUC” address. The “1McU” address is associated with the now vanished cryptocurrency exchange Mt Gox and could be related to the breach on the exchange that happened on June 2011. The origin of the Wednesday movement of 2,071.5 BTC, according to Taisia, is the most significant factor.

According to Taisia, two wallet groups leading to the same “1McU” address were identified by examining the original chain of movements. The analyst added that, in their sentiment and those of several blockchain analysts, this wallet belonged to Jed McCaleb, the original owner of Mt Gox and the creator of Ripple.

Like Taisia, many individuals caught wind of the 2,071.5 BTC transaction. OXT researcher Ergo BTC also connected the transaction to the “1McUC” address. According to Ergo, this is the first time there has been any movement in this wallet sequence since last summer, with 4,000 bitcoins leaving the wallet. Ergo also noted that the deposit was made on Kraken. Heuristics and on-chain clustering tools are used to confirm that these funds are indeed linked to the “1McUC” address and the Mt Gox case.

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