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Bitget’s $10M Pledge for Women-Led Web3 Startups

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Fostering Female Entrepreneurship in Blockchain

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitget is making a significant move to support women in the blockchain industry by committing $10 million to women-led Web3 startups. This initiative, part of Bitget’s broader Blockchain4Her program, aims to promote gender diversity and inclusivity in the blockchain sector. The exchange plans to launch specialized incubation programs tailored for female entrepreneurs, alongside hosting pitch competitions for startups founded by women.

Recognizing Achievements and Encouraging Diversity

In addition to financial support, Blockchain4Her will organize the Women in Blockchain Summit & Awards. This event is designed to celebrate the remarkable contributions of women in the blockchain field. Bitget also invites prominent industry leaders to serve as ambassadors for Blockchain4Her, advocating for gender diversity, engaging with the community, and fostering an inclusive environment.

Expanding Support Beyond Women

Parallel to this initiative, Bitget announced a $10 million Blockchain4Youth program in May 2023, targeting young talent in the blockchain space. This program includes educational courses through Bitget Academy, university lectures on Web3, incubation of innovative youth-led projects, and hackathons for individuals under 30.

Addressing Funding Disparities

Bitget’s recent report highlights a significant gender gap in venture capital funding within the Web3 and blockchain industry. The research found that less than 7% of VC funding goes to female-led startups, significantly lower than the average for startups across various fields. This disparity underscores the need for initiatives like Blockchain4Her, aiming to create a more inclusive and accessible blockchain ecosystem for women.

Bitget’s $10 million commitment to Blockchain4Her is crucial in addressing gender disparities in the blockchain industry. By supporting women-led startups and advocating for diversity, the initiative empowers female entrepreneurs and enriches the overall blockchain ecosystem with diverse perspectives and innovations.

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