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Bitrefill Review – Live on Crypto

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Bitrefill is one of the most popular crypto-related brands currently operating in the market. If you are a cryptocurrency user, this platform would be really useful for you to get access to products and services and pay using digital assets. 

Indeed, Bitrefill became a very useful platform for users that want to spend their virtual currencies and do not know how to do it. By using Bitrefill, you can live on crypto buying gift cards for anything and with no account necessary. In the next sections, we share with you all the details about this platform and how you can use it to pay with digital assets. 

What is Bitrefill?

If you have virtual currencies and you do not know how to use them, you can always rely on Bitrefill for the things you need. Bitrefill is a crypto company that lets you exchange virtual currencies for gift cards that can be used in many regions and places. 

Basically, Bitrefill is making it easier for users to live on cryptocurrency rather than with fiat currencies. They have created a platform that integrates with different gift cards and lets users select the ones they want and pay using Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. 


The company has been created in 2014 and it has received more than $2 million in funding from different VC firms and Litecoin’s founder Charlie Lee. This shows the company has received support from large names and figures from the crypto market thanks to the services that it is currently offering. 

The main three services offered by Bitrefill include the possibility to purchase gift cards, phone refills and also get access to the lightning network (LN). These are just some of the basic services offered by Bitrefill and how they are allowing the real economy to get connected with virtual currencies.

Users are now able to pay for daily expenditures using some of the most popular digital assets in the market. The positive thing about Bitrefill is that it is available worldwide and it does not require users to register and share private data. Of course, depending on the jurisdiction in which you operate you would find more or fewer services. 

How Does Bitrefill Work?

Users that want to use their virtual currencies to purchase things can easily use them in Bitrefill. But how does Bitrefill work? The platform is very easy to use as you just only need to write for a service you’d like to acquire. Usually, these services work with gift cards that can be used to top up different accounts. 

When you enter the site, you would be able to browse and search for the products you need. Users can select from a wide variety of products from different industries, including e-commerce, games, travel gifts, VoIP and many others. Everything depends on the type of solutions that you want to purchase. 

The platform would also ask you the region in which you are located as there might be different promotions according to your jurisdiction. Some places would have more products than others. Some of the products currently available include mobile plans, skype USD and also Viber USD, among other things such as Fortnite V-Bucks. 

As soon as you select the product you want to buy, you can then pay using digital currencies. The delivery is usually instant and the process is secure and private. Some of the products that you select might also let you get a reward that would be credited to your account. 

Thus, Bitrefill would be one of the best and easiest ways to spend virtual currencies on things that before you were paying with fiat currencies. If you want to start thinking in sats, this could be a great platform to use. 

Is Bitrefill Safe?

Bitrefill is safe and it is also a legitimate site operating in the market. Users that want to spend their virtual currencies can do so in Bitrefill without being worried about the legitimacy of this platform. As we mentioned before, Bitrefill has been created in 2014 and it has been operating since then. 

A few years ago, in 2019, Bitrefill received large investments from VC companies, which shows that they are considered to be a respected company in the cryptocurrency industry. This is definitely important as we have seen how several exchanges have been hacked and other projects run away with users’ funds. 

Bitrefill has little or no incentive to retain small payments for gift cards, as it would harm its reputation and give them nothing. Thus, you can trust Bitrefill and purchase different gift cards according to your needs. 

Moreover, you would also be able to hold few cryptocurrencies on this platform. That means that you don’t have to be worried about hacks or possible attacks on your account. The transfer would be directly made from your account and you will receive the gift card directly to your email account in just seconds after processing the transaction. 

Thus, Bitrefill could be considered a safe platform in the crypto market to use. Despite that, there might be some situations in which your data could be at risk. This is similar to when we handle our data online on other sites.

How do I invest in Bitrefill?

If you want to buy gift cards and use Bitrefill, you just need to enter their official site and start browsing the offers and products they have available in your region. This usually takes some seconds as the site is very easy to navigate and it has a very nice user interface. 

Usually, you don’t invest in Bitrefill as you can only buy gift cards and other products using digital currencies. This is why you could use the website to purchase different things according to your needs. 

Bitrefill Options

When you browse for products you can filter from your location. At the moment,  Bitrefill operates worldwide, meaning that you can get access to gift cards from different parts of the world. No matter where you are, you are likely to find at least one type of gift card that you can purchase using digital assets. 

The best way to invest in Bitrefill is by using their services and purchasing different gift cards that can then be used in different apps or services. 

Take into consideration that when you top up your account (or purchase a gift card), the price is expressed in USD or local currency and then converted to BTC or another digital asset. Thus, your gift card would be printed with local currency value rather than with the value in BTC or other digital assets. 

Can I buy data with Bitcoin?

If you want to buy data for your phone to make calls and browse the internet, then you can do so using Bitrefill and pay in Bitcoin. If you want to make a phone refill, then the process is quite similar to the one for purchasing gift cards. 

You would have to select your region and choose one of the carriers available in your location. If you have no carrier available where you live (which could usually happen depending on your region), then you might have to find another way to pay for this refill using Bitcoin or other virtual cryptocurrencies. 

The positive thing about using Bitrefill is that you can now add data to your phone without having to use fiat currencies. Everything can be done in just a few minutes and using digital assets. 

Lightning Network

We have talked many times in the past about the Lightning Network (LN), the second-layer scaling solution for the Bitcoin network. But what is Bitrefill doing to promote it and expand it? Well, they have created a new and innovative LN channel through Thor. 

But what’s the benefit of using this Lightning Channel? Well, users would be able to open empty lightning channels on the Bitrefill node. In this way, users are able to send and receive Bitcoin almost instantaneously using this LN node and for almost no fees. 

Thus, Bitrefill is working in order to promote the use of the Lightning Network as well. Rather than using the main Bitcoin blockchain to process transactions, users are now able to send and receive almost instant transfers with BTC using the LN. In the future, other platforms might offer similar solutions to users. 

Bitrefill Coins Supported

Let’s now talk about the coins supported by Bitrefill. We already know that they offer support for Bitcoin and that you can buy gift cards using BTC. But which other virtual currencies are available on this platform? 

At the moment, Bitrefill support Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Dash (DASH). In the future, other virtual currencies could be added to this platform. 

Buying on Bitrefill

Hence, users can purchase not only phone credit but also many other gift cards to use on a wide range of platforms and services from all over the world. No matter in which location you are, you can use the above-mentioned digital currencies to pay for the gift cards you need. 

In the future, many other cryptocurrencies could be added to the Bitrefill platform. It is up to you to decide which coin to use as Bitrefill lets you choose from one of the digital assets from the list. 

What are Gift Cards?

Generally speaking, a gift card is a small card that can be exchanged for cash value and that can be used to pay for specific goods and services. In general, gift cards can be used in the store that issued the gift cards. Moreover, they tend to have a lower cash value if sold or used in other stores. 

A $20 gift card for Skype could be used to pay for Skype services up to $20. The funds can be added to the platform and you can simply use them as you desire. Instead, if you prefer to sell the gift card rather than using it, you might find some buyers that would pay $19 for it rather than $20. 

Gift cards are usually given as gifts (as the name suggests) to friends and family. The price of a gift card is usually between $5 and $100, but the most common ones are those of $10, $20 and $50. You can also find gift cards in local value rather than just in USD. European users would pay in euros while people in the United Kingdom would use pounds. 

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Bitrefill Products Supported

As we mentioned in previous sections, Bitrefill supports three main basic products: phone refills, lightning network and gift cards. But which companies are currently available on the Bitrefill platform? 

At the moment, there are hundreds of brands from which you can select using Bitrefill. Some of them include Viber, Skype, Free Range Mobile, Roblox, PUBG Mobile, Arch Age, NCSOFT, FORTNITE, Free Fire, Minecraft, Reddit, Hotels.com Mobile Legends and many others. 

This shows that there is a large number of options available to choose from using Bitrefill. In the United States, for example, you could also choose from The Home Depot, Twitch, Airbnb, Uber, Uber Eats, Nordstrom, Delta, Play Station, XBOX and many others. The list is very big here and the options are larger than in most other jurisdictions supported by Bitrefill.


Bitrefill is one of the most useful websites and companies in the cryptocurrency market as it lets users spend their digital currencies in hundreds of places everywhere around the world. The way in which it works involves purchasing gift cards or phone credit with digital currencies. 

Thus, this is one of the best ways to support the crypto ecosystem, by using digital assets rather than fiat currencies to buy gift cards and getting access to some of the best services and products that you can find in your region. 

A positive thing about Bitrefill is that you do not need to use just BTC as many other digital currencies are available. Bitrefill is a company that is supporting the growth and expansion of the crypto market as a whole thanks to the large offering of gift cards and brands that it currently has.

Table of Contents


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