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BPro Celebrates its Second Anniversary Outperforming Bitcoin by almost 30%

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It has been an incredible year for Bitcoin (BTC) and the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem. We can say the same about BPro, the token that rewards Bitcoin holders with rent on their BTC position. Thanks to Money On Chain, Bitcoin holders can now rely on a token that offers them free leverage, passive income and flexibility. 

BPro Highlights 

BPro is one of the most advanced tokens that Bitcoin holders can handle in the cryptocurrency market. This token, which historically outperforms Bitcoin by 30%, offers a wide range of benefits for holders. 

One of the most interesting aspects of BPro is related to free leverage. This is possible thanks to DoC token holders. If Bitcoin price goes up, BPro’s price is expected to increase a bit more than BTC. This lets users make larger profits if the market moves upwards (during bull runs). 

Another thing to take into consideration about BPro is the possibility that it allows users to earn passive income. Individuals can earn rBTC rewards that are paid by traders doing BTC leveraged operations. That is, 100% of the interest that is paid by BTCx goes to BPRO. In this way, the value of the token moves higher as well. 

There are other things that are worth mentioning. Users earn part of the MOC protocol fees. This happens every single time that DoC, BPro and BTCx are minted/redeemed. 20% of the fees paid by every transaction go directly to BPro, making the token even more valuable over time. Additionally, BPro is paying 0.25% of its value on an annual basis to the MoC protocol. 

BPro holders also participate in the MoC Liquidity Mining program, earning MoC tokens just for hodling, which allows them to be involved in the protocol governance process and stake their MoC tokens to earn more.

It is worth taking into consideration that BPro is fully redeemable for Bitcoin. As a censorship-resistant protocol, users are able to manage their funds and be sure that they are being part of a decentralized community of Bitcoin holders. Additionally, users can also hold the keys to their BPro in their hardware wallets, meaning that their funds would be protected at all times against attackers or hackers (which usually target exchanges and centralized platforms). 

The whole ecosystem is very easy to use thanks to the RRC20 token standard. Users can use BPro as collateral in other protocols and investors can redeem their Bitcoin against a smart contract in just a few simple steps. 


Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents