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Canada Eyes New Regulations for Crypto in Public Investment Funds

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CSA Proposes Regulatory Changes for Crypto Assets in Investment Funds

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) have proposed changes to the regulatory framework governing how public investment funds interact with crypto assets. These amendments, released on January 18, provide clearer guidelines on custodianship and the permissible activities involving crypto assets within these funds. The intention is to integrate crypto assets more seamlessly into Canada’s investment fund landscape while ensuring adequate risk management and regulatory compliance.

Specific Amendments for Custodianship and Investment Fund Activities

The proposed changes are set to bring significant modifications to the current system. Under these amendments, only alternative and non-redeemable investment funds can buy, sell, or hold crypto assets directly. Other mutual funds seeking cryptocurrency exposure would be limited to investing in these funds. Additionally, the crypto assets in question must meet certain criteria: they must be listed on an exchange recognized by a Canadian securities regulatory authority and fungible.

Another critical aspect of the proposed amendments is the requirement for crypto assets to be insured and stored in cold wallets. Moreover, these assets would be subject to a public accountant’s annual review of the custodian’s internal management, ensuring a high standard of oversight and security.

Towards a Comprehensive Regulatory Framework for Crypto Assets

These amendments are part of a broader initiative by the CSA to create a more inclusive regulatory framework for crypto assets in Canada. This initiative, announced in July, seeks clarity and structure in the rapidly evolving crypto market. The proposed changes are open for a 90-day comment period, after which a consultation paper will be written. This process is intended to lay the groundwork for a more extensive regulatory framework for crypto assets in Canada, reflecting the country’s progressive stance towards cryptocurrency, evidenced by its adoption of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds since 2021.

The CSA’s efforts represent a forward-thinking approach to integrating emerging digital assets into the traditional financial system, balancing innovation with investor protection and market integrity.

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