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Cardano (ADA) News Roundup: Networking, Decentralization And Explorer

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Developers have been working on the Cardano (ADA) project in many different areas. There were many different updates on the Cardano Wallet, on decentralization and on networking, among other things. 

These were the first ten days after releasing the Shelley testnet for users to try it and help developers improve it.

Wallet, App Platform And Explorer

According to a recent report released by the team behind Cardano, they informed which where the latest developments they are conducting on the various levels of this blockchain network. 

On the Cardano wallet, the team informed they have just finished the “Newsfeed” feature that the final adoption for the Cardano 1.7.0 release. In addition to it, they explained they continued working on the V2 API integration that will enable Shelley features. 

Moreover, the team worked on a remodel of parts of the Cardano JavaScript SDK for them to be compatible with the Shelley era. On top of that, the git-based stake pool metadata service was updated to handle remote synchronization this week. 

Regarding the Cardano Explorer, the team finished the implementation of the design for the epoch details page and has been working on the address details page. 

Networking And Decentralization 

Throughout the last week, Cardano networking developers implemented interruptible foreign function interface (FFI) calls for the Windows named pipes API. The report released by Cardano says that the results on the tests they performed were promising. 

For technical users, the team worked on propagating chain sync changes to boost performance while syncing a new node and downloading the blockchain. 

There were also many advances in terms of decentralization. Developers worked on restructuring the codebase for most backends to be implemented in their own libraries. 

About it, Cardano wrote:

“The project’s dependency list will only grow along with active backends included. The team has also started to implement a benchmark for chain syncing that could be turned into a nightly continuous integration job.”

Finally, the transaction generator is now complete. The team is now gathering results from benchmarks that need to be extended to a distributed system benchmark. 

A few weeks ago, UseTheBitcoin reported the Shelley testent was released after several months of developments. The new network was released to the market for the community to test it on September 26. 

Ten days passed since the Shelley testnet was released to the market. Since that moment, Cardano enthusiasts and users have been testing the network and how the Cardano blockchain works. The main goal was to find and solve bugs, test performance and improve its capabilities.

Table of Contents


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