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Cardano Community Asks Charles Hoskinson To Cancel His “MMA Fight” With Chico Crypto

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Charles Hoskinson the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) and creator of Cardano (ADA) is expected to have an MMA fight with the crypto-related YouTuber Chico Crypto. However, some members of the Cardano community do not want him to move forward with this MMA Fight. 

Cardano Community Not Sure About Founder’s Crypto Fight

In a recent Reddit post, the member u/adam241091 said that the fight that Charles Hoskinson wants to do is “the worst Cardano related news” he ever saw. He even suggested that this was a lot worse than delays on several projects the Cardano team was working on. 

He titled the post “Petition for Charles Hoskinson to cancel this ‘mma fight’” considering that this would negatively affect credibility in Cardano, the whole project and in Charles Hoskinson himself. 

On the matter, the redditor commented:

“As it was written in another reddit post, just when Shelley is finally about to be deployed and Cardano to go decentralized and proof of stake ready, credibility and attention start to flow, this mma story is literally a nightmare for Cardano.”

It is worth mentioning that the team behind Cardano was working very hard in order to release the Shelley testnet and the incentivized testnet for users. This was a very important milestone for Cardano enthusiasts and for the whole project that was in a developing phase since it was announced a few years ago. 

Moreover, this decision by Charles Hoskinson made the redditor lose a lot of confidence in the whole ecosystem. The Reddit post had 73 upvotes in just a few hours and more than 80 comments from different users. In addition to it, adam241091 said that Hoskinson is free to do what he wants as an individual but it is not good to expose the whole Cardano project as he is currently doing. 

The user has even proposed Mr. Hoskinson that if he wants to set a challenge to regain energy he could just run a marathon with a t-shirt featuring a Cardano logo, but not anything awkward as a fight with a YouTuber. 

At the end of the article, he wrote that he did the post as a petition for Charles Hoskinson to cancel the fight for the good of Cardano. 

“Sign/vote in the comment if you feel Charles has to cancel it for the good of the community or if you think it’s okay,” he wrote. 

Table of Contents


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