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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson: We Are Trying To Get The Network Testnet As Stable As Possible

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Charles Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano (ADA), informed they are working on the incentivized network. He has also shared what they have been doing with the network testnet and how they have improved it over the last month.

He mentioned they have learned a lot about certain protocols while correcting different bugs that were reported. Hoskinson said that in a surprise AMA conducted a few hours ago. 

Stabilizing Cardano’s Network Testnet

Charles Hoskinson has done a surprise AMA on November 2nd and he talked about the Cardano community and the Shelley network testnet. 

At the moment, he explained they are trying to get the testnet network as stable as they are able. They are also planning to branch them in two new testnets. One of them will be a stable test network. The second one will be an experimental test network that will have many different changes. 

About it, Charles Hoskinson commented:

“Where are we? We are trying to get the network testnet as stable as we can and then we are going to branch them in two testnets. One of them will be kind of the stable test line, the long term release. The other ones are experimental test network and we will rapidly add and change things.”

Hoskinson said that the team behind Cardano had an internal discussion about how to launch the internal testnet. One of the options was to select a date to do the snapshot. The other option would be to do two snapshots. The latter is the one that Hoskinson and all the team prefer. 

At the moment, they are planning to select a date, tentatively around the 12th of November. They are going to pick a moment to take a block and make a snapshot. Hoskinson explained that users should be able to restore their wallets in that testnet Daedalus interface. 

If users have a problem with this issue, then they will be reporting the issues and try figuring out why they cannot restore their wallets. 

Eventually, after it, they will launch the incentivized testnet. Users that have control of their private keys will be able to stake their ADA. Users that have the funds in cryptocurrency exchanges will not have access to ADA staking and exchanges do not have the obligation to give access to users. 

Users must have their keywords to restore their wallets and also access to their private keys. 

Table of Contents


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