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COIN.HOST: Security, Privacy and Excellence Applied To Web Hosting In The Crypto Market

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Dedicated servers from Coin.host

COIN.HOST is known for being a company that provides a wide range of web hosting products and services to the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities all over the world. The firm is located in Switzerland and they are very focused on delivering high-quality and private web hosting solutions to companies and individuals.

The cryptocurrency market has been expanding around the globe and the companies offering services in this industry has been growing as well. This is why COIN.HOST is playing an important role in helping these firms.

One of the main issues is related to privacy and how it could be improved in the crypto space. COIN.HOST is working with its clients and offering them the right of privacy that must be protected at political, infrastructural and physical levels.

COIN.HOST Servers and Solutions

The VPS hosting services that the company is now offering to users combine controllability and security of dedicated hosting while adding the efficiency and availability of virtual server platforms. Interestingly, COIN.HOST was able to out down the cost for it the minimum level as possible.

COIN.HOST is now providing a list of 11 different services and VPS plans that would meet the needs of each of its clients. With these servers, it will be possible for users to get 24/7 live support with a multilingual team of experts that are dedicated to solving the issues users have.

At the same time, users’ VPS will be will be deployed according to ordered specifications immediately after the payment has been received and confirmed.

The services provided such as VPS-V2 start at a price of 7.80 CHF or 0.0013 BTC at the time of writing. This includes a CPU of two cores, 2048 MB of RAM and 40 GB of all-flash SSD storage. These services go up to 93.60 CHF or 0.160 BTC for a solution with a CPU of eight cores, a RAM of 16384 MB and a storage of 160 GB. This is the VPS-WIN6 solution.

It is also worth mentioning that they are offering almost 40 different dedicated server configurations that can meet almost any demand. This is going to be great for more expert users and those that are very exigent clients. For example, this includes clusters and GPU-equipped servers that would be very useful for crypto-related companies in the market.

Additional Security and Standards

COIN.HOST is operating with an ultra-secure carbon-neutral Interxion data center in Zurich that complies with the highest standards in the industry. Indeed, they are certified to be compliant with ISO 27001 and ISO 22301.

The firm is also very focused on offering DDoS protection and massive privacy for users. Considering the company is based in Switzerland and follows Swiss standards of privacy and data protection, they are offering hosting solutions that protect users and their right to privacy.

By being located in Switzerland, regulations and laws protect users and all the data managed by COIN.HOST. It is impossible for third parties (that includes authorities) to have access to web hosting provider’s data. Only a prosecutor can require access to data from a particular client.

At the same time, they are focused on offering security through infrastructure investments. They have 24/7 CCTV surveillance, a perimeter and inner premises security patrols and multi-layered access barriers. This can make you sure that the services provided by COIN.HOST are following the best security standards that can be provided for users and companies in the crypto space.

Regarding DDoS protection, they have created an efficient and secure system to protect users and their servers. Nowadays it is very easy to carry out a DDoS attack and web-based businesses can get at risk of becoming a target as well.

The firm provides efficient protection against all types of DDoS attacks and a 100% SLA-backed guarantee. These services can also be paid in Bitcoin and they start at a price of just $41 per month.

Some of the DdoS mitigation plans include the Lite Protection that provides security to 1 website and 1 domain with unlimited subdomains. At the same time, they provide mitigation services with max. Attack bandwidth of 1000 mbit/s, and max.clean bandwidth of 250 mbit/s. The price for this service is currently 139 CHF per month or 0.0237 BTC.

The Standard Protection is a much better product that includes three websites with 10 domains and unlimited subdomains. The max. Attack bandwidth goes up to 3000 mbit/s and the max. Clean bandwidth reaches 500 mbit/s. The price of this service is 700 CHF or 0.1195 BTC.

Finally, the Enterprise Protection offers security for 5 websites with 30 domains and unlimited subdomains. The max attack bandwidth is 10000 mbit/s and the max. Clean bandwidth goes up to 1000 mbit/s. This service costs 2100 CHF or 0.3585 BTC.


The company has also been working in order to offer an intuitive and user-friendly cPanel & WHM web-based control panels that start from $20 per month. In general, using Linux servers using command lines and a not-friendly interface doesn’t help users feel comfortable with what they do.

With the solutions provided by COIN.HOST, it is possible to help individuals to handle Domains and DNS, web server modules, mail servers, databases and more using the cPanel & WHM web-based control panels. This is making it automatic, easy to use and intuitive for everyone.


COIN.HOST is also working to support the entire crypto ecosystem. This is why they are accepting a wide range of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dash, Litecoin (LTC) and over 50 different digital assets in the market. This is made possible thanks to CoinGate.

Of course, they are also working with PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and many other means of payment.


COIN.HOST is a crypto services provider company that offers VPS, Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, DDoS Protection and more solutions to individuals and firms in the cryptocurrency market. At the same time, COIN.HOST accepts virtual currencies, which makes it easier for crypto-only companies to process payments or to acquire the services they need to continue their operations.

Considering the entire crypto industry requires high privacy rules and standards, COIN.HOST adapts to these requests by being compliant with Swiss requirements in terms of privacy and security.

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents