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Coinbase Increases Futures Offering and Introduces ‘institutional-sized’ Bitcoin and Ether Contracts

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On June 1, Coinbase announced it wanted to offer futures contracts for bitcoin and ether to institutional investors through its derivatives market. The company said that Coinbase Bitcoin (BTI) and Ether (ETI) futures contracts would be available through third-party institutional futures commission merchants (FCMs) and brokerage businesses.

Coinbase will release new futures products for Bitcoin and Ether.

This week, Coinbase announced that since the start of its nano-sized bitcoin and ether contracts, it has seen a lot of “institutional interest and demand for advanced derivatives products.” Because of this, the San Francisco-based exchange has decided to offer “institutional-sized” futures contracts for bitcoin and ether through its regulated Coinbase Derivatives Exchange.

On June 5, you’ll be able to buy these new future goods. Each Coinbase Bitcoin (BTI) futures contract is worth 1 BTC, and each Coinbase Ether (ETI) futures contract is worth 10 ether. Coinbase says that these contracts for institutions also have much lower fees than traditional choices, which helps institutions make better use of their capital. The company also points out that third parties can acquire these new contracts.

“We have partnered with institutional-leading FCMs, brokers, and front-end providers to support institutional clients further, enabling seamless access to these futures contracts through their robust trading platforms,” Coinbase stated.

Over the past 24 hours, the overall volume of derivatives has been $102 billion, which is 24.69% less than the day before. Binance, Deepcoin, and Bybit are this weekend’s top three derivatives platforms. “With the launch of these USD-settled institutional-sized contracts, we aim to empower institutional participants with greater precision,” said Coinbase.

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