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Web3 Trading Platform Cryfi Is Launching Founder Pass NFTs on May 3-5th, 2024


Rickie Sanchez


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Rickie Sanchez


Editor's Choice / Slider Posts


Crypto News / NFTs

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Rickie Sanchez


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Join our growing community

The tremendous support from Cryfi’s growing community has empowered the platform to develop a comprehensive SocialFi trading signal marketplace. This follows the successful launch of their MVP last month, with a full web application scheduled to be released in the near future.

Cryfi will launch a limited-edition Founder Pass NFT collection on May 3rd, 2024 to commemorate early supporters who believed in the platform’s vision.

What Is Cryfi?

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Cryfi is a marketplace where professional traders can monetize their knowledge from Telegram, and newbies can earn and learn from blockchain-verified traders.

The platform creates a fair marketplace where success is based on the quality of a trader’s signals, not marketing budgets. It also offers features like secure payments and fast onboarding processes.

Yura Mizin, founder and CEO of Cryfi, stated during an interview with UseTheBitcoin at the Southeast Asia Blockchain Week (SEABW) that the platform functions as a Telegram Mini App, and has also mentioned plans to integrate Cryfi with other social platforms, like Discord, in the future.

Overall, Cryfi’s community is growing steadily with 15,000 members already on Telegram and 28,200 followers on Twitter/X at the time of writing this article.

Key Strategic Partnerships

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Analog and Cryfi announced a partnership in January to improve DeFi trading experiences, according to a press release on Medium.

Analog’s Launch Partners Program will allow Cryfi access to a suite of benefits, including help with tokenomics and brainstorming cross-chain applications. 

Most importantly, Cryfi will become a significant user of Analog Watch, a tool that retrieves data from various blockchains for Cryfi’s smart contracts and decentralized application interface. This will allow Cryfi to compare real-time market prices with oracle data effortlessly.


Pixel Realm and TrustFi are doing a launchpad for Cryfi’s Founder Pass NFTs on Friday, May 3rd, 2024, at 13:00 UTC.

Founder Pass NFTs are a limited-edition collection offering exclusive benefits to early supporters on Cryfi’s crypto signals-trading platform. The collection is divided into Shark Pass NFTs and Whale Pass NFTs. Both offer perks but with varying degrees of exclusivity and benefits.

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Owning these NFTs signifies your early support for the platform and grants you advantages such as:

  • Lifetime Subscriptions – Free access to educational resources and trading courses offered by Cryfi.
  • Exclusive Community – Membership in private groups or channels connecting you with experienced traders and Cryfi’s core team.
  • Trading Benefits – Depending on the tier (Shark or Whale), you might get access to premium signal providers, profit-sharing opportunities, or discounts on Cryfi’s services like Cryfi Pro for advanced trade execution.
  • Future Token Whitelists – Potential priority access to participate in future token offerings launched by Cryfi.
  • Beta Testing & New Features – Be among the first to try out new features and participate in beta testing upcoming Cryfi products.

There will only ever be 430 Founder Pass NFTs available, split between the two tiers. The Shark Pass costs $300, and the Whale Pass costs $3,000. The mint will be in USDT on the Polygon Network.

In an exclusive interview with UseTheBitcoin Yura Mizin, founder and CEO of Cryfi, explains the details of the NFT launch and the use case of the Shark Pass and Whale Pass.

Final Thoughts

Cryfi plans to evaluate top-performing traders on its leaderboard who have proven their skills on-chain for at least six months. Together with them, they want to create trading education materials made by verified traders, which will only be available for Founder Pass NFT holders.

For further information on Cryfi and to stay updated on their announcements, please visit their website and follow their official social media channels provided below:

👉 Website: https://cryfi.app/

👉 Twitter/X: https://twitter.com/Cryfi_app_

👉 NFT Launch Website: https://app.galxe.com/quest/Cryfi/GCFddtTagR

👉 Pitch Deck: https://pitch.com/v/cryfi—pre-seed—150k-x4ttkq

👉 Upcoming NFT drop (This May 3rd, 2024): https://pitch.com/v/founders-pass-deck-wzc2vr 

👉 MVP: https://t.me/CryfiBot 

👉Docs: https://cryfi.gitbook.io/cyfi/