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CoinDeal enters the USA market and launches own CDL Token


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John Asher



Press Release

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coindeal giving away 90% cdl tokens for free

Join our growing community

Coindeal’s popularity and number of new users are growing very fast. The exchange will soon be available in several states in the USA and has prepared their own CoinDeal token – CDL. This giveaway is addressed to its 300.000 current and 150.000 new users – internal exchange tokens are waiting to get them completely for free!

CDL Token..

…is an amazing opportunity to start trading for free on one of the premier global exchanges with various benefits. The token will also allow for a higher liquidity within CoinDeal and for more pairings with cryptocurrencies and fiats. Only the first 450.000 users will receive CDL tokens. This giveaway is unique, since most token projects give only 5-7% of their token to the users via bounty programs and other mechanisms, however, CoinDeal has decided to give their users 90 % of all generated tokens. Something of this magnitude has been unprecedented and may very well create a totally new token distribution model.

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“This is the culmination of over 12 months of work, and we are incredibly excited to be finally sharing this moment with our users” – Alex Strześniewski.

If you already have a fully verified account on CoinDeal you just need to login and click the pop-up with information regarding CDL tokens.

Tokens will automatically appear in your wallet. CoinDeal claims that after the giveaway is completed and all tokens have been distributed to users, it will launch a variety of pairings with crypto and fiats. The total supply is 50,000,000 and the token itself has been created on the EOS blockchain and will boast much faster transaction times as well as drastically smaller network fees (as compared to most ERC20 tokens).

“We have chosen the EOS blockchain, mainly, because of the large number of transactions per second that are possible on this network. EOS can process about 3000 transactions per second – we plan for this token to be the lifeblood of our exchange and so the bandwidth should reflect that” – Adam Bicz.

How to get free CDL tokens?

  1. Register on CoinDeal
  2. Go through the verification process (ID and Proof of Address)
  3. Click “Get Free Tokens”
  4. Check Your Wallet

All interested in the CDL token should act fast, as the number of tokens is capped and the necessary verification level to receive tokens via CoinDeal.com may take up to a few days.

“The CDL token will be the backbone of CoinDeal and that’s why we want to give it to our users for free – these tokens are meant to be used. We didn’t want to create something that has no value and try to make money off of it, like you’ve seen with many ICOs” – Alex Strzesniewski.

By getting CDL you will receive

  • Decreased trading fees
  • Customer Support/ Fast Pass priority
  • Multi tier token staking system can decrease fees to 0.000%
  • Advanced trading features
  • Social trading platform access (planned for 2020)

Staking over 150.000 CDL will give you a 0.0000% maker fee and a 0.0250% taker fee. After completed distribution CoinDeal will start buying back CDL tokens on a monthly basis.

You can gain more from this giveaway by sending your friends a referral link that you can copy from your account. You will receive 20% of their trading fees and they will automatically get free tokens after creating a Coindeal account.

“We actually created a system where staking 150,000 CDL tokens and over will give a maker fee of 0.000%” – Adam Bicz.

Watch the video:

USA market…

…is the next step in the development of the one of the largest crypto-fiat exchanges in Europe. Thanks to continuous development, the company is ready to enter the American market. It is really important step because this market is a huge opportunity. According to research, more than 40% of the US population is open to crypto-currency and unfortunately there are many stock exchanges currently available in the US that do not meet their expectations. Coindeal wants to overcome these problems with its offer.

“The US is the land of opportunity, and this may very well be the defining moment in our company’s history” – Alex Strzesniewski.

Traders in the states can start using what the exchange offers. Not only crypto to crypto exchange and registration on CD but also the newest Coindeal promotion with their free tokens.

Coindeal was founded over a year ago by three Poles. Rapid growth on the European and Asian markets was just the beginning. At the request of the users, CoinDeal decided to obtain all the necessary licenses and permits to open trading to American citizens. Expanding into the US market has quickly become the priority for CoinDeal’s executives as they believe the US crypto market to be unparalleled in regards to the amount of potential traders and liquidity available.

“We’ll be available in around 14 states to begin with, shortly after we will be adding an additional 12. If all goes well, we should continue this expansion and be able to add the USD by year’s end in select states” – Adam Bicz.

Coindeal will be available in about 14 states to begin with (among others: Indiana, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming; more will be announced soon.) and they have mentioned that another 12 will be quick to follow in terms of allowing users to trade.

Currently, the platform is allowing users from the majority of all US states to register on the platform and receive free CDL tokens.

CoinDeal is actively pursuing all necessary licenses and will be available in over 40 states with a USD pairing by 2020.

Taking care of Premier League friendship

The last season 2018/2019 of cooperation was very successful for Wolves and Coindeal and they discovered many common features, so it’s obvious that they wanted to still work together. The CoinDeal team admits it was one of the biggest and most important marketing adventures in the development of the company and this story has its continuation. Indeed, the stock exchange officially extends the contract with Wolves for the 2019/2020 season.

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