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CoinEx Exchange Review: A Complete Guide

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CoinEx exchange is a Chinese-based cryptocurrency platform that was established sometime in 2017. The exchange has a wide range of cryptocurrency assets users can trade on the platform. Cryptos are being traded against the BCH, BTC, ETH, and USDT cryptocurrencies.

About CoinEx Cryptocurrency Exchange

The exchange has also launched its native cryptocurrency which can be traded against the majors on the platform. Though the exchange is just starting off, plans are underway to building a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which will be fueled by the CoinEx Token (CET).

Coinex Exchange

The platform is built with the user in mind – one of the most simple-to-use – even a novice can make his way around the platform without needing any help. Also, it is loaded with ground-breaking features that have swept many users off their feet.

Some Awesome Benefits of the CoinEx Exchange

A Wide Variety Of Cryptos To Trade

CoinEx exchange has a wide array of cryptocurrencies (coins and tokens) to trade from. As earlier mentioned, these cryptos are traded against the majors on the platform; the Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT) cryptocurrencies.

Low Fees On Transactions

CoinEx exchange charges just the market takers a 0.10%, but market makers (a dealer who undertakes to buy or sell at specified prices at all times) are not charged for transactions on the exchange.

Fast OTC Transactions

The platform can process ‘Over The Counter’ transactions in quick time. This means, trades on the platform aren’t restricted to certain currencies, but trades can be made using cryptocurrencies.

Highly Secured Platform

CoinEx exchange implements a “Full Dimension Protection” security system. The platform uses various protocols in securing different aspects of the platform. You can be assured that all transactions relating to payments, exchange, and transfers made on the platform are very secured.

Simple To Use Trading Platform With Advance Charting Tools

The chart on the platform makes it easy for traders to analyze market directions using advanced charting tools efficiently. Users are also able to navigate through various pairs with simple clicks.

An Easy To Use User Interface

As earlier mentioned, the design is simply fantastic. Unlike some other exchanges, CoinEx can be used by techy guys and novices as well. If you can click around, you can maneuver your way on the platform.

Free Money Referring Friends

CoinEx cryptocurrency exchange offers referral rewards to users who use their referral code in inviting others on the platform. Referrals will get 20% on trading fees from those they referred.

What’s more, CoinEx exchange just launched some super exciting features as they recently launched.

A Trade-Driven Mining

The exchange announced its “Trade-driven Mining” concept which helps in releasing the CET tokens which will be re-allocated to users on the CoinEx trading platform.

CoinEx Token

All transaction fees on the platform are calculated and converted to CET tokens. The CET tokens are then distributed back to traders depending on the transaction volumes.

CoinEx exchange employs a transparent method of token distribution as all transaction fees collected and how they are distributed are displayed on the site in real-time.

To be part of the coin distribution, users must be verified, and only those with a minimum of 100 CET tokens will get a share of the tokens. All token holders will receive their dividends at the start of the next day.

How To Be Part Of The Exchange

Registering is simply straightforward. All that’s required is an active email address for the first step of verification.

After an account is registered, it’s then required by every user to verify their accounts.

It is also mandatory that users bind the Google Authenticator and mobile number for better account level security.

Final Thoughts on CoinEx Exchange

The ever-growing demand for cryptocurrencies has brought up the need for various cryptocurrency exchanges and we have them today. Though a number of them are not up to standard, several, are coming up with cutting-edge technologies, delivering top services to various communities.

Though the CoinEx cryptocurrency exchange is fairly new in the market, it had in a short time impressed lots of traders with its cutting-edge technologies. What’s also impressive about the exchange is the fact that it’s got a good number of coins that can be traded on the platform and incredibly low fees.

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