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Create a Trading Idea, Share it, and Win $600 paid in Bitcoin

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SimpleFX trading ideas contest

Trading Ideas (TI) is a captivating social trading feature that allows you to share your opinion on cryptocurrency, stock or forex trends, gain community appreciation, and earn lifetime revenue share through the SimpleFX affiliate program.

From July 1 to July 31 SimpleFX traders who share their Trading Ideas can win $600 paid in Bitcoin. The most popular TI wins the prize.

The participants can provide as many Trading Ideas as they own. However, if several answers are submitted by one person, only the one with the highest number of points will take part in this contest consideration.

The contest is available for everyone, however terms and conditions may apply.

What are the Trading Ideas?

You can create a Trading Idea with just a few clicks. Just make a snapshot of your chart analysis, add a comment, and share it inside the app or in social media. Each Trading Idea carries the user’s referral link that will track the registrations and trades to pay out the lifetime revenue share.

Thanks to the Trading Ideas you can:

  1. Inspire your friends
  2. Introduce new traders to the network
  3. Engage the members of your network
  4. Let others make money for themselves and for you
  5. Become a social media trading star

Creating and sharing a Trading Idea is effortless. Here’s a short guide on how to do it.

Broker for the new generation of traders

SimpleFX was one of the first CFD brokers that offered cryptocurrency accounts and has been supporting cryptocurrency projects for years. “Our mission is to make the most of the cryptocurrency and blockchain opportunities. We believe in the community and want to give the users a broad choice of transfer services. This is the cryptocurrency spirit we have always believed in”, SimpleFX wrote in a statement.

The fast-growing broker with over 200,000 active traders worldwide aims at being the go-to app for the new generation of mobile-first traders. SimpleFX launched a completely new version of the WebTrader application and since then has introduced several groundbreaking features focusing on social trading, financial education and services for their affiliate marketing partners.

Profitable trades for everyone

SimpleFX demo accounts are fully functional and the live accounts can be funded with any amount as there are no minimum deposits. Thanks to easy and secure payments that can be performed in both fiat money and cryptocurrencies, everyone can access and benefit from trading with low spreads.

SimpleFX offers an attractive 1:500 leverage, which opens profit opportunities to the less affluent traders. At the same time, easy stop-loss feature and negative balance protection make SimpleFX a secure tool for both experienced and novice traders.

A unique affiliate marketing program

SimpleFX offers one of the best affiliate marketing programs with up to 25% lifetime revenue share. The SimpleFX partners can use Unilink.io affiliate tracking software.

With Unilink.io you can track the affiliates on a map, and expand your network with a great set of multilanguage designs for your campaigns. Real-time stats for clicks, views, conversion rates and multilevel revenue income make it easy to expand and activate the affiliate network.

The Best Trading App 2019

SimpleFX WebTrader won the competition for the best trading app during the Finance World Expo Summit 2019 that took place in Switzerland. The experts appreciated SimpleFX WebTrader for:

  • Great usability on mobile devices
  • Remarkable speed and reliability
  • Responding to the user needs with new features
  • The strong and growing community of users.

SimpleFX growth accelerated at the end of 2018 despite the downtrend in cryptocurrency markets thanks to the enthusiastic reception of the SimpleFX WebTrader 2.0 and the partnership with Unilink.io affiliate marketing software.

Table of Contents


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