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Crypto.com Exchange Review


Jonathan Gibson


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Jonathan Gibson


Exchange Reviews


Exchange Review

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Jonathan Gibson


Exchange Reviews

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Do you want to start trading cryptocurrencies on Crypto.com Exchange? Our full Crypto.com Exchange review will cover everything you need to know about one of the world’s most innovative cryptocurrency exchanges in the market.

Crypto.com Exchange Review of Main Components

This is the list of the main features featured on the Crypto.com Exchange.


Security is one of the most important things to take into consideration with exchanges. The Crypto.com Exchange knows that and the team behind it has been working on keeping  user funds secure at all times.

Furthermore, the Crypto.com Exchange has also implemented standard security features, notably two-factor authentication (2FA) and SSL. In addition to this, the company holds most virtual currencies in cold storage. This will prevent unwanted attacks from hackers. Additionally,  security is one of the best perks offered by Crypto.com. Since 2017, Crypto.com has not suffered a hack, breach, or any major incidents.

Crypto.com Logo with blue bakcground


Privacy is a key part of the cryptocurrency market. However, platforms in the crypto market are now required to be compliant with KYC and AML regulations. Due to this reason, the exchange secures your information before users can begin handling and exchanging virtual currencies.

This is a standard procedure implemented by most of the best exchanges in the world. Regulatory agencies all over the world make sure these KYC and AML regulations are strictly reinforced.

As Crypto.com is one of the most regulated crypto exchanges in the world, the privacy of its users is extremely important. On the privacy part, Crypto.com is a top choice. Since Crypto.com’s inception in 2016, no breach has ever occurred on its platforms and we believe that their CISO will make sure none will.

Ease of Use

One of the main benefits of this platform is related to its user-friendliness. In just a few simple steps, you can trade cryptocurrencies with Bitcoin (BTC), Crypto.com Coin (CRO), Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). This makes it easy for users to access virtual currencies.

Moreover, the platform is intuitive and it has a clear FAQ section where users can read all the information they need. There are currently 194 markets globally where you can trade on and over 94 cryptocurrencies that you can buy. Additionally, another major advantage is the fact that you can instantly transfer the funds from the Crypto.com App to the Crypto.com Exchange, with no added fees whatsoever.

Regarding the ease of use of Crypto.com,  its exchange is one of the most straightforward and competitive on the crypto market. To learn more about this, please refer to Crypto.com’s YouTube channel.


One of the positive aspects of Crypto.com Exchange is its customer support. The company knows that clients need constant support on how to handle their digital assets. Crypto.com customer support agents will gladly handle any requests you may have.

Over the course of the years, Crypto.com’s customer support has progressed to accommodate its 10 million users. In just 3 months, Crypto.com went from 2 million to 10 million members. Currently, the company’s customer service is among the fastest and the best in the industry.

There are multiple ways to reach Crypto.com’s customer service.

To contact Crypto.com’s customer service, simply refer to their app, their exchange, or their hotline [email protected]. Alternatively, you may reach Crypto.com’s customer service through Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. There are multiple ways to get in


Crypto.com Exchange is considered one of the most innovative platforms in the market, built by a team of experts that focus on user-friendliness. Since its inception in 2016, Crypto.com has never suffered a hack, and the company has continued to welcome new users over the last few months.

Moreover, it has also been recognized for adding new features and functionalities for more advanced traders and users – such as the much-needed stop loss, take profit, stop limit, etc and also Derivatives trading.

It’s #22 on Coinmarketcap and #8 on CoinGecko – and it’s one of the fastest-growing exchanges in the world. Which remind us, if you want to make some extra cash – here’s their amazing referral program with a maximum of $2,000 for a referred user that staked CRO on the Crypto.com Exchange.

After watching one of the CEO’s latest AMAs, we saw that Crypto.com may be aiming to launch an IPO sometime in 2023. With the rise in innovation experienced by Crypto.com, the company may potentially become one of the most secure and competitive exchanges on the market.

In Summary

Crypto.com Exchange is a KYC-compliant platform with a wide range of services and an easy-to-use interface for both newcomers and expert users. The platform has standard trading fees and includes several trading pairs. Moreover, it has an application for users that want to trade on the go.

Is Crypto.com Exchange Safe?

Crypto.com is considered to be one of the top 3 cryptocurrency exchanges, in reference to how safe and secure their user funds are when we’re talking about how safe are the users’ funds.

Remember that if you hold your funds on the platform, you are not necessarily the owner of your digital assets. However, once again, the crypto platform has never been hacked or experienced any security incidents.

When you’re configuring your Crypto.com Exchange account, remember to always enable two-factor authentication (2FA). This will ensure that on top of your personal information being secured, anti-phishing codes are established.

About Crypto.Com Exchange

Crypto.com, the company behind this exchange, was founded in 2016 before the bull run experienced by Bitcoin and the entire crypto market in 2017. The goal was to attract a larger number of users from outside the crypto world to start using digital assets. Their main motto is “Cryptocurrency in every wallet”. The CEO of Crypto.com Kris Marszalek is one of the biggest advocates of cryptocurrency.

Over the last few years, the Crypto.com ecosystem has expanded to include a Crypto.com App, a Visa crypto card, an exchange, a non-custodial DeFi wallet, Crypto.com Price, Crypto.com Earn, Crypto.com Tax, an NFT platform, and many other solutions. Nowadays, most exchanges include some of the largest cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Crypto.com Coin (CRO), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and many others.

Crypto.com CRO utility & ecosystem

The Crypto.com Exchange has also been adding other features that are linked to the trading platform such as the Syndicate, CRO Staking and also the Supercharger.

Crypto.com Exchange Features

As we mentioned before, there are several features for this exchange. We will share them with you in the next sections:

Trading Services

The main feature of the crypto exchange is linked to its trading services. As in any crypto exchange, users can easily buy and sell digital currencies.

At the same time, the exchange has additional perks for stakers of  CRO, the cryptocurrency that powers the Crypto.org Chain. CRO is the native currency of the platform and several digital assets are traded against it. There are over 100 trading pairs and a large variety of altcoins have been added to the platform.

CRO Staking

The CRO staking option is one of the favourite features of Crypto.com users. Individuals can easily stake their CRO on the platform to pay for trading fees and gain a rebate. Moreover, there are many other benefits attached to CRO staking, including 10% APR interest paid daily, access to the Syndicate, a referral program bonus, and more.

This works in a similar way to Binance Coin (BNB) on the Binance crypto exchange. Users that want to get even better services can stake CRO tokens on this platform.

Crypto.com Review of Staking Rewards

The Syndicate

The Syndicate is another valuable feature of this exchange. Here, users can purchase cryptocurrencies at a 50% discount price. To do so, they need to stake CRO on the Crypto.com Exchange. The bigger the stake, the bigger the allocation.

The minimum staking requirement to participate in a Crypto.com Exchange Syndicate listing event (token sale) is 5,000 CRO. But you can stake more and get a bigger share of the Syndicate event prize pool. Usually, the prize pool is between $250,000 and $500,000.

Also, before being eligible for The Syndicate, you need to begin trading a bit on the exchange first. But if you’re using Crypto.com Exchange as your main trading platform, that should not be a problem. During Syndicate campaigns, better purchase rates are offered for the given cryptocurrency. For example, in the last Syndicate campaign, there was the opportunity to buy cryptocurrencies at a 50% discount.


The Supercharger is a liquidity mining platform that allows users to deposit their coins and earn rewards on them. They will receive rewards in the most popular Decentralized Finance (DeFi) tokens currently available.

The process is simple. Users are depositing CRO in a pool (which they can always withdraw from) and they are getting another cryptocurrency for doing so. The CRO is not exchanged for the new cryptocurrency. For example, if you’re depositing 10,000 CRO to the Supercharger, you can get 10,000 CRO back, plus any interest paid in another cryptocurrency. Supercharger events usually last 30 to 45 days and it has a competitive  Annual Percentage Rate (APY) of anywhere from 7% to 14%.

It is worth mentioning that with the expansion of the DeFi market, the Crypto.com Exchange has continued to innovate to remain competitive in the market. This is why they have added several DeFi features, one being the Supercharger- the main solution for users that want to begin trading  DeFi tokens.

Exchange VIP Program

Crypto.com Exchange has also recently launched a new Exchange VIP Program. Retail clients can receive unique perks and many trending incentives. This will make their trading experience much better and more pleasant.

The eligibility for the Exchange VIP Program will depend on the monthly trading volume of Crypto.com Exchange. For example, users will gain access to exclusive premiums, such as additional information on product launches, VIP account. Users will get access to new product launches, VIP account manager and API tech engineer, OTC Block Trades, research reports, and more.50% commission on net trading fees from referrals and more.

Crypto.com Prices

Crypto.com Fees

At the time of writing, the fees for trading on Crypto.com Exchange are around 0.4%, but you can transact with a lower fee if you choose to stake CRO.

The trading fees are charged every single time there is a transaction on the exchange (when the order gets executed). There are no hidden charges on the fees paid by users on the exchange.

In terms of withdrawal fees, they will depend on the digital asset. For example, users that want to withdraw USDT will have to pay a fee of 18 USDT. Bitcoin (BTC) withdrawals have a fee of 0.0004 BTC. Litecoin (LTC) withdrawals have a fee of 0.001 LTC. Deposits are free of charge, and some may be subject to soft staking.

Crypto.com Exchange Pros and Cons

This is a list of pros and cons for the Crypto.com Exchange review:

Crypto.com Exchange Pros

  • Compliant with regulations
  • Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Includes several cryptocurrencies
  • Has its own digital asset (CRO)
  • Supports other services such as Supercharger
  • Standard trading fees
  • Several payment methods accepted

Crypto.com Exchange Cons

  • Currently, Crypto.com US customers cannot access this feature yet
  • The exchange app is more tailored to the needs of experienced Crypto.com users, and beginners may find it a bit complex to navigate.

In Summary

Crypto.com Exchange is one of the most advanced platforms in the cryptocurrency market to handle digital assets. Users can easily buy and sell virtual currencies and get access to unique services and solutions offered by this platform.

Over the last few years, Crypto.com’s ecosystem has been rapidly expanding. Nowadays, the firm continues growing and adding new exciting solutions for users to get access to the best trading services in the market.