Starts Shipping the MCO Visa Cards in EU

MCO old Jade card

After a long awaited period, has finally started shipping the MCO Visa Cards in Europe.  After shipping the batch of cards in Singapore on October 22, 2018 and the second batch to USA* on 19th July 2019 – The MCO Visa cards finally arrived in Europe.

The message was posted today on the Twitter account

By doing this, are now the first Crypto card shipping in the US, Europe and Asia. Their CEO, Kris Marszalek, posted earlier on Twitter


After reaching 2 million users on May 11 and securing an industry record insurance coverage for its users, managed to finally deliver their long awaited crypto cards in Europe. If you’re not familiar with their crypto cards, you should. Their cards have 5 tiers – with Midnight Blue being the lowest and Obsidian Black being the top tier.

The most awesome perks that you can get from the bottom tier cards are the 100% rebate on Spotify, 100% rebate on Netflix, up to 3% cashback, Lounge Key access in any airport where Lounge Key is present  and no fee ATM withdrawal for a maximum of $800 per month.

Top tier cards however, have a lot more benefits. Besides the already mentioned one, there’s a 100% on Amazon prime, 10% off for Airbnb or Expedia, bonus interest on Earn program and even a Private Jet partnership. The top tier card also offers a 5% cashback and access to the Private program, which has a lot of benefits. You can learn more about and their amazing cards here.

Moreover, the cards are made from metal – which gives them a little bit more resistance and makes them look way cooler.

And if you’re a trader, don’t forget that have a contest where you could win a tesla model 3 or participate to purchase ICX at a 50% discount in The Syndicate event.