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Crypto Millions Lotto Review – Playing Lotto With Bitcoin

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Crypto Millions Lotto is an online lotto where players can use Bitcoin to play and win big-value prizes. The company’s jackpot for matching six numbers plus a bonus number starts at $30,000,000, and it increases until someone wins it.

The concept is simple but highly innovative with results based on the outcome of the German National Lottery draws. All jackpots are insured by a Lloyds of London, Financial Conduct Authority regulated insurance broker, giving players added confidence and security.

There is a wide range of Instant Wins and Slots with varying prizes to be won to complement the main lotto game.

To play, you simply register and deposit some Bitcoin on the site, then go to the ticket on the homepage and start picking numbers. Choose six numbers plus a bonus number, between 1 and 49, and 0 and 9 respectively or select “lucky dip” to choose your numbers randomly. It could not be easier. Just take a look at the tutorial video below:

You can play as many as ten lines per ticket by selecting “add line”. After making your selections, choose the number of draws you’d like to play and click ‘Buy’. You can check your account to ensure your lines have been entered to the draws although you will receive an email confirmation of your entry.

All draws can be viewed live online and you can also check your results on the site. Match two main numbers plus a bonus number to win a prize. Match all six numbers plus the bonus number to win the jackpot. Winners will be notified automatically after each draw.

Crypto Millions Lotto offers the chance to win real life-changing prizes and jackpots.


The website is user-friendly and provides guides for beginners on how to sign up and play. To start, just go to the top right corner of the website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. The process is incredibly straightforward.

If you’re a new user without a Bitcoin wallet, a “Click Here’ section on the Sign Up page directs you to a new page with links to recommended partners, where crypto novices can open a wallet and purchase some Bitcoin.

The website layout makes it easy to access important information. It’s clean and stylish and makes you want to stay a little longer.

One of the most impressive features is the Referrer Programme. This allows players to earn commissions by referring friends and colleagues to the site. Crypto Millions Lotto is the first of its kind to reward players who refer new participants. The referral process is easy and transparent. Referrers earn 5% of the spend on tickets purchased by everyone they introduce to the site. It’s a little like mining but without the equipment!

To sign up all you have to do is register at affiliates.millionslottoaffiliates.com and start introducing your community to the site. It took us less than a minute.

Crypto Millions Lotto is simply a great cryptocurrency lotto website to play on. The company has a lottery license from a trusted body and together with the opportunity to earn Bitcoin by referring new players, the whole package is extremely exciting.

You can sign up for Crypto Millions lotto.

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