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There are hundreds if not thousands of different types of cryptocurrency affiliate programs in the world. Companies, exchanges and services providers are working to attract more users to their platforms, and one way to do so is through cryptocurrency affiliate programs. 

In this guide, we will go through the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs and how they help companies increase the number of users. At the same time, we will discuss how the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs could help you generate an extra income every month. 

What is an Affiliate Program?

To understand what cryptocurrency affiliate programs are, we first need to know what affiliate programs are and how they work. The first thing you should understand is that an affiliate or associate program involves paying a commission for bringing new users or traffic to a specific website or company. 

Basically, as an affiliate program marketer, you get paid every single time that a new customer signs in to the website you are promoting. For example, a company selling cryptocurrency trading solutions (crypto exchange) could give you a commission every single time a person that you brought to the platform executes a trade. 

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Of course, this is just an example to illustrate the point here. As an affiliate marketer or specialist, you will be bringing customers and people that spend money to specific platforms and you will get rewarded for it. 

This does not only happen in the cryptocurrency market. Indeed, it could take place in many other types of industries and the rewards are also different. On some platforms, the rewards you receive can be better products or services, access to new features or even direct transfers of money (such as $5 per new customer you bring). 

There are different strategies for affiliate marketers and experts. Some of them prefer to use a wide range of social media platforms while others continue to do so without relying on the internet. 

It is also worth taking into consideration that we should definitely avoid Pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes that are sometimes promoted by social media marketers. In some cases, affiliate marketers do not even know what they are promoting. 

What are Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs?

Cryptocurrency affiliate programs are very similar to non-crypto affiliate programs. The main difference lies in the fact that crypto affiliate programs are focused on virtual currencies rather than on other types of solutions. 

We are making reference to, for example, crypto exchanges, blockchain solutions, crypto social media platforms and many others. It is now full of new projects that have been expanding over the last few years and that require the help of affiliate marketers to promote their business. 

One of the main differences between cryptocurrency affiliate programs and other types of associate programs and marketing campaigns is related to the payment type and the industry in which they work. 

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Affiliate marketers that work with crypto-related companies usually receive the payments in digital assets. For example, a cryptocurrency exchange could reward affiliate marketers with a small percentage of the fees paid by the traders they brought to the platform. If that trader makes a Bitcoin purchase, then the affiliate marketer should receive a small BTC amount for that transfer. 

However, the type of payment depends on the platform and the company that has an affiliate program in place. Some other firms in the crypto market do pay their affiliates with fiat currencies such as EUR or USD. among others. 

Most cryptocurrency affiliate programs are usually voluntary and without a written contract between the company promoting its services and the associate marketer. This is certainly important to understand considering that the person promoting the company could also be responsible if they are promoting a fake firm that is involved in illicit activities or is just simply a scam. 

Do Affiliates Get Paid?

In most cases, affiliate marketers get paid. We know that there are some companies that do not pay but some others do so on a regular basis, even when the rewards are small. The main objective of an affiliate marketer is to generate passive income from commissions shared by the customers they brought to a large number of platforms. 

Depending on the type of platform, some affiliate marketers might not get paid. There are few companies that do not reward users that bring new customers or that spend money on a specific platform. That means that there will be no payments and no affiliate program in place. 

Users should usually focus on those companies that have been operating for a long period of time in the cryptocurrency market if they want to be sure they will get paid. Cryptocurrency affiliate programs are usually working despite the large number of scam projects that appeared over the last few years. 

One of the most popular affiliate programs in place is the one promoted by Amazon.com. Despite not being related to the crypto market, it has been a very profitable strategy for the company that was able to grow from scratch and attract a large number of new users (when Amazon was not yet the company that it is today). 

And yes, online affiliate marketers got paid, as they get paid with different crypto platforms currently available in the market. Companies take care of the systems and the services offered and marketing agents make sure that a large number of users get registered to that platform and receive a commission in exchange. 

Which Affiliate Program is the Best?

There is no killer affiliate program in the market. The best thing you could find is an affiliate program that would pay juicy commissions by promoting a service that allows other users to get access to high quality and valuable solutions. 

For example, if you have found an affiliate program from a cryptocurrency exchange that rewards you with a commission every single time a customer you brought makes a transaction, this is a standard deal. However, if you found a cryptocurrency exchange that not only rewards you per transaction but also every single time a person gets registered to the platform, that would be even better. 

You should also compare which are the affiliate program rates. If one exchange offers you a 10% commission, and the second one a 20% commission on users’ trades, then you already know which platform to use. In the long term, the one that pays 20% commissions becomes better for you. 

Bitcoin and dollars

Now let’s think about a situation in which you get rewarded with 60% commissions every single time a customer makes a transfer on that exchange. On top of that, you receive a $25 bonus every time a new user registers on this platform. However, you realize that the exchange is shady and does not include a lot of information. 

Additionally, you check the reviews for the exchange and you see that they have been accused of freezing withdrawals. Then, this is clearly not a good affiliate program, despite offering high commissions. Your reputation as an affiliate marketer would be definitely harmed if you do not promote businesses and companies that are really worth the promotion. It is always better to prioritize long-term profits than short-term earnings. 

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

If you focus on the cryptocurrency market, Twitter, YouTube and news sites are some of the best places where you can promote your affiliate links to people that are interested in these services. Although it might be expensive to do so, there is also a way to increase your influence. 

Social media is very useful for us to create our own content and attract viewers. The better the quality and quantity of our content, the better it would be to attract a larger number of users. 

For example, some of the largest Twitter accounts from crypto Twitter users have hundreds of thousands of followers. Creating content and promoting your referral links could be a good way to attract customers and live with cryptocurrency affiliate programs. Although it is not easy, the possibilities are real. 

Nevertheless, remember that you should also avoid spamming. This is something that happens very often and that does not bring good results. Using different websites and social media networks could be a good way to diversify your cryptocurrency affiliate program strategy. 

How Much Money Do Affiliate Marketers Make in Cryptocurrency?

The answer to this question would depend a lot on the type of cryptocurrency affiliate programs you promote, your strategy and how many people you are able to reach through your work. It is clearly worth mentioning that it is not easy to do a marketing campaign that would be effective and that would allow you to generate enough money to live “without working.” 

Cryptocurrency affiliate programs are sometimes very efficient and could help you generate enough money to pay for some extra things at the end of the month. This should already be considered a successful campaign. 

Weak cryptocurrency affiliate program strategies could give you just a few dollars per month (usually less than $10). This is something that could happen to you not only if you just shared your referral link a few times, but also if you put a lot of work into promoting a website or service. 

For example, the most successful Binance promoters have already earned more than 200 BTC. However, these are those users that were the most successful at promoting these advertising campaigns. Most of them are usually large companies with millions of viewers or customers they could attract every single month. 

Consider that if you make some hundreds of dollars per month, you have run a successful campaign. Although the value of the commissions might change over time, you could reduce the intensity of the campaigns you are running. This would not only give you some free time but it would also give your followers the possibility to get better content from you with less spam. 

Earn Bitcoin With Affiliate Marketing

You could earn Bitcoin with affiliate marketing or using cryptocurrency affiliate programs. Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges and companies that have affiliate campaigns pay affiliate marketers with virtual currencies. That means that in some cases you can get paid directly in Bitcoin (BTC). 

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If you wanted to receive BTC for the work you have done, this could be one of the best possibilities. However, they would not always pay in BTC or virtual currencies. In some cases, they can add some credits to your account that could eventually be converted to Bitcoin in the future. 

This is something you should analyse and try to understand. Most of the times, the money that you receive you could use to buy Bitcoin and earn Bitcoin with affiliate marketing. Some exchanges pay to you in the virtual currency the user-traded. For example, if a person purchased BTC, then the fees are paid in Bitcoin and you will receive BTC. 

Instead, if the customer purchased another altcoin, let’s say Litecoin (LTC), the fees would be paid in LTC. After you reach a certain threshold, you could transform these funds into BTC or exchange them for fiat currencies and withdraw them from the platform. 

There are many different ways to earn Bitcoin through marketing campaigns. Depending on the company you are promoting and the rewards they give. Additionally, you should closely read and understand the details of the cryptocurrency affiliate program. Depending on the details, you might get paid directly in Bitcoin or any other virtual currency.