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Cryptocurrency gambling has gained even more popularity in the last years. Crypto-casinos like CryptoGames makes this way of betting even more accessible.

The divine act of gambling has brought pleasure and entertainment into the lives of men since prehistoric times. This ancient form of pleasure can present itself as a way to earn livelihood too due to its extremely rewarding nature. Since its discovery man has searched for more and more innovative ways to gamble.

The industry has come a long way since then, with outstanding inventions like the online casino revolutionizing the entertainment sector. The massive improvements in technology have completely changed the industry infrastructure, making gambling more fun and comfortable than ever. Cryptocurrency casinos are the perfect testament to this grand advancement in the field of gambling – gamblers can now gamble from the comfort of their desired location using Cryptocurrency.

However, the risks are even bigger now – the choice of a wrong gambling casino could trigger huge losses financially. The internet is filled with malicious hackers and fraudulent casinos – which solely exist to rob cryptocurrency from unfortunate gamblers. To survive this horrendous onslaught, a gambler must choose a gambling casino with impenetrable security measures, flexible financial options, good odds, and a fantastic library of games. A gambling casino with a friendly community of users and responsible moderators. A gambling casino like CryptoGames.

CryptoGames: Immense Pleasure and Excitement

CryptoGames is a gambling utopia for the ardent gambler. It is run by a team of extremely talented individuals who are adept in handling any issues that might arise in a gambling community and communicate effectively with their users. With their assistance, the site is always up and running and in high demand within gamblers all around the world. The site hosts a community of like-minded users who are extremely friendly and are ardent gamblers looking to bond with other gamblers through the beautiful art of gambling.

The site fits the criterion expected of the world’s most elite online casinos. It has adapted super-strong security measures which make the attempts of the world’s most dangerous hacker’s seem futile. It has a very flexible deposit and withdrawal system that enables completely smooth and seamless financial transactions.

The site has a library of exciting and entertaining games that draws huge numbers of gamblers to the online casino. The site has also had monthly wagering contests and numerous promotions and events throughout the year, all of which contribute to the extremely fun-filled atmosphere of the online casino. All of this makes the site a haven for a gambler wishing to savor entertainment and earn valuable cryptocurrency.

Security and Payment Options

The internet is filled with notorious hackers who are always on the hunt for weak signs of security. CryptoGames has taken sufficient measures to protect its users from such attackers and has provided invulnerable security to user funds. Two-factor authentication and SSL encryption are used to ensure tough security measures.

Email verification is mandatory for withdrawals, making it almost impossible for attackers to get their hands on cryptocurrency even if they somehow attain a user account and password. User funds are stored in cold wallets so that they are far from reach of attackers even in severe cases where CryptoGames itself is directly under attack. All of these renders the attempts of hackers harmless and provides impenetrable security to users.

CryptoGames also provides deposit and withdrawal options which makes financial transactions extremely easy and convenient for its users. It supports over 10 varieties of cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Gas, Monero, Stratis, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Classic. The user can switch between any of the supported cryptocurrency types via the built-in exchange system can start playing any games as long as they meet the minimum deposit requirements which are also quite reasonable.

CryptoGames also has integrated CoinSwitch on its platform giving users the opportunity of converting reputed coins they own to the coins supported by the casino, ensuring even more flexibility in financial transactions. All of this is done so that users use most of their time gambling instead of wasting them doing unnecessary things such as converting their coins and having to wait for it.

Casino Games in CryptoGames

Casino Games in CryptoGames

CryptoGames is world-famous for its elite list of games. Most of these old school games have existed since the birth of online casinos and are still in high demand within the gambling community, who just can’t get enough of the fun and joy that these games provide. CryptoGames provides detailed tutorials along with these games, as it intends for gamblers to learn and master the game as soon as possible. The number of games offered is eight as CryptoGames has no wishes to bombard its community with hundreds of games like many other casinos- most of which are lackluster and a waste of time. The list of the fun and exciting games that CryptoGames offers are –

Cryptocurrency Dice Games

The immensely popular game on all crypto casinos known as Dice has an extremely vast range of potential outcomes. In CryptoGames, the outcomes vary from 0.000-99.999. If a player correctly predicts the outcome of the rolling of the dice to be a higher or lower value than a predetermined number, he wins the game. A user can win with a multiplier up to x9920! This is a game with a few simple rules; however, it always produces an adrenalin rush between the ardent gamblers.

Cryptocurrency Roulette

The game of Roulette is quite popular at CryptoGames. CryptoGames offers a “European” version of Roulette which uses the same payout table as its American cousin but possesses half the house edge due to a single zero that is present on the 37-number wheel. This game is an old favorite among the gamblers here due to its enormous prize pools.

Cryptocurrency Slot Machines

The fun-filled game of Slot is played on four reels that spin back and forth before coming to a complete stop. A gambler can claim a payout only if four selected symbols (according to the paytable) line up in the middle of the slot. CryptoGames offers “single line” slots along with a horizontal pay line. Winners can claim a maximum reward of 5 BTC in this beautiful game of wit and luck.

Cryptocurrency Blackjack

Blackjack is a banking game that has immense popularity in the gambling community. This game is the ultimate test of luck and nerve due to its simple but deadly rule. Here players compete to possess a hand that has points nearer to 21 than the banker. This game always manages to produce intense competition between committed gamblers, who would do anything to win.


Lotto comes from the ancient activity of lottery and is a game where players buy tickets. Winners are decided by the tickets they purchase. This game is completely based on luck and patience. CryptoGames has two BTC draws per week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Three winners are announced, who pockets all of the revenue accumulated during ticket sales. This is the perfect game to put one’s luck on the test.


Plinko is a favorite game of fun-loving gamblers. This delightful game involves a ball bouncing down from the top of a pyramid. Users have to choose an amount to bet and a payoff value is assigned after which the ball is allowed to bounce to the bottom of the pyramid. This game is extremely rewarding if one becomes adept at this fun-packed game.

Video Poker

The exciting game of Video Poker is renowned for the enormous rewards that it draws frequently. CryptoGames has three variants of the game known as Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. Users can easily toggle their preferred game using options from the top left corner of the CryptoGames game board.


The age-old game of Minesweeper has been a constant favorite among people all around the world even before the invention of the internet. This game has a playing field where players press on multiple boxes and try to avoid collision with mines. CryptoGames only accepts bets that have a profit lesser than 4 BTC (maximum win per bet), which means if the current win reward is greater than 4 BTC additional fields are no longer accessible to the user.

Engaging Wagering Contests

Monthly wagering contests are hosted by CryptoGames where ardent gamblers combat each other to earn the ultimate prize. The winners of these acclaimed wagering contests are recognized as champions of the month and are showered with beautiful gifts and prizes. The top position holders of the leaderboard are also rewarded with VIP tags, which grant them site-wide privileges. The tags will be there till the start of the next tournament, giving the victors enough time to reap their rewards.

Guaranteed Well-Being CryptoGames

CryptoGames is not just a normal gambling site. It cares about the well-being of its devoted community of users. It understands there are times when the gambler might want to stop gambling for a while due to excessive losses or due to the fear of losing a considerable amount of cryptocurrency after making a sizeable profit. It understands some users suffer from extreme addiction that hampers their regular life.

These users might want to pause gambling for some time but are unable to do so due to their addiction. For these gamblers, CryptoGames has introduced the new feature of “self-exclusion”. This handy feature blocks a user account on a temporary basis giving sufficient time for the gambler to get back up on their feet. This useful feature puts a stop to gamblers causing self-harm. Lastly, CryptoGames understands some users might want to stop gambling forever which is why it allows them to permanently delete their account.

Join CryptoGames Today

CryptoGames has all the tools that enable it to stand toe-to-toe with the greatest online casinos in the business. It has impenetrable security, flexible payment options, and a library filled with fantastic games. It has a community of users who would ensure your seamless transition into the community.

Lastly, CryptoGames is a gambling site that cares about your wellbeing. It does not only exist to take Cryptocurrency from you, it aims to provide you with the best gambling service Cryptocurrency can provide. So why wait? Join CryptoGames today and partake in a gambling adventure that would soothe all your worries and fill you with unending joy and pleasure!

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