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What Is CryptoPanic?

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If you are a trader, this webpage is perfect for you. CryptoPanic is a news aggregator platform that helps traders to understand why price movements happen in the cryptocurrency market.

If you are day-trading in the cryptocurrency market and you don’t know why prices are falling down or skyrocketing, then, CryptoPanic will help you. Instead of searching the reasons of these price movements on different news sites, in CryptoPanic you will have this information in just one screen.

“I got tired of running around cryptocurrency news and subreddits to understand why prices are suddenly skyrocketing or falling”, the developer of this website posted on Bitcointalk.org.

If you are not a trader, CryptoPanic can help you reading the daily crypto-news in one simplified feed and with different functionalities.

How does CryptoPanic work?

The webpage has a simple interface that divides the screen in two parts. In the left side, there is a feed where news, from different sources, appear.

In the right side, you have the details about the news that you have clicked on in the left side. If you are logged in, there you can vote if the information given by one feed is positive, negative or important to the markets. In this way, users give their feedback whether the news are giving positive or negative signals to the traders.

If a specific new is voted as positive for many users, it will show up in green. If the new is voted as negative for many users, it will show up in red. If the new is not voted, then it will show up in a white colour, expressing neutrality to the markets and traders. You can also vote as Important, meaning that the news posted is mandatory for someone in the cryptocurrency industry.

What else can I do in CryptoPanic?

In the right border of the page, you have the prices of the most important cryptocurrencies on the market. If you are interested in a specific currency, you can click on it and the news feed will show only the news related to the cryptocurrency chosen. In this case, if you are an investor interested in a special currency, this feature will be really useful for you.

Besides this, when you click on a cryptocurrency on CryptoPanic it will only show you articles regarding that cryptocurrency. This way, you can track the news of your favorite cryptocurrencies and get notifications about them in real time.

If you want to receive trending topics or specific news about a cryptocurrency, CryptoPanic can send them to your favourite messaging application. At the moment the platform supports Telegram, Discord and Slack. Though it has the possibility of adding different chat applications just sending a message to CryptoPanic creator.

In case you want to become a CryptoPanic Pro

CryptoPanic has also premium features for Pro users.

Pro users have access to RSS/Atom, Reddit and Twitter sources and the possibility to disable or enable any existing default news source. Being a Pro user gives you the possibility of using the “pro features” that will be added in the future. CryptoPanic has just started. After a small discussion with Kaspars, the CryptoPanic owner, he told me his ideas for CryptoPanic. I won’t disclose any of them, but you’re going to be surprised. This is just the beginning for CryptoPanic – what’s next will impact the industry.

The price for a CryptoPanic Pro account is $9 dollars per month or $99 dollars per year. Being a Pro member not only gives you access to exclusive features, but you will be supporting the development of CryptoPanic.


Were you surprised by the markets? Don’t you know why the markets are behaving in such a specific way? CryptoPanic is the easiest method to inform yourself about which news are giving signals to the markets.

With the users voting how the news influence the markets and with a news feed that can be customized, you will save time trying to understand how the markets behave.

As the website reads “If you are going to panic, panic early”.


Table of Contents


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