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What is CryptX Wallet? A Swiss Bank for Digital Coins

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Holding cryptocurrencies became a difficult task. Hackers and attackers are constantly searching for new opportunities to steal users’ funds and tokens. However, CryptX released one of the most secure and cheap wallets to use in the crypto space. 

If you are wondering how to hold and secure your crypto assets, then the CryptX wallet could be one of the best options for you. With outstanding features and unparalleled security, CryptX wallet would offer you all the things you need to protect your funds and remain secure at all times. 

What is CryptX Wallet?

CryptX wallet is now among the most secure cryptocurrency wallets in the industry. It is offering users the possibility to hold their virtual currencies in a secure environment. The wallet has been fully created to offer services to institutions and larger companies.

CryptX Wallet

Nowadays, companies and firms that handle virtual currencies must have a compliant and secure crypto wallet to handle their assets. We have seen over the last years how different exchanges have been hacked or attacked by malicious parties. This has created several million in losses not only to companies but also to crypto users. 

But this is different with CryptX wallet. The company claims to have developed “Swiss bank-grade Hardware Security Modules (HSM)” that have been created, developed and manufactured in Switzerland. Thus, no one can ever touch the private keys of the users, not even CryptX. 

Holding your private keys is always important. But it is more important to know how these private keys are stored. Losing control of the private keys could be dangerous for users’ funds and it could also be difficult. This is why CryptX takes the lead as one of the most secure crypto wallets in the market for enterprise solutions. 

Use Cases

But which companies could start using the CryptX cryptocurrency wallet? There are many sectors in the crypto industry that could be interested in using the solutions offered by CryptX. Let’s start with e-Commerce sites that could integrate their systems with the CryptX wallet.


E-Commerce platforms that accept virtual currencies as a means of payment might decide to secure their funds using this wallet and also sell the funds using stablecoins. By using stablecoins and the AutoSwap feature offered by this platform, users would not have to be worried about the security of the funds or the volatility of virtual currencies. 


Exchanges are also able to use CryptX solutions to take care of their funds and of users’ funds. Using an in-house cryptocurrency wallet is usually very costly. This is why some platforms prefer to use third-party wallets. This is where CryptX could make the difference and help cryptocurrency exchanges handle the digital currencies they hold. 

The company would be ready to offer some of the most advanced services in the industry that would let crypto exchanges forget about hacks and possible attacks. Users’ funds will be completely safe with CryptX and its solutions. 

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ATMs

Using cryptocurrency trading platforms such as exchanges is not the only way to buy or sell virtual currencies. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ATMs have been expanding over the last years around the world. Nowadays, these platforms are located in shopping centres, malls and central areas in large cities. 

These ATMs let users buy, and sometimes sell Bitcoin and digital currencies. But these ATM services providers have to also handle their virtual currencies in a safe way. So how to do so? CryptX makes it possible for these companies to simplify their daily operations and manage all their coins from just a single and easy-to-use wallet. 

In this way, crypto ATMs would be able to manage liquidity without having to deal with volatility risks. 

Online Casinos

The online cryptocurrency casino industry has also been growing in recent years. Every single week we see new casinos being released to the market or adding support to virtual currencies. This is where CryptX could help them handle crypto funds. 

Users want to bet using digital currencies and several casinos know that. But they require very safe wallets not to have issues with the funds of their clients. This is why CryptX wallet is helping these platforms to handle crypto payments. 

Thanks to these services, online casinos can receive payments (deposits) in virtual currencies and process withdrawals for free and without having to be worried about volatility. This can be handled thanks to the previously mentioned AutoSwap feature. 

Other Features and Characteristics

At the moment CryptX is working with different virtual currencies, including Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC), USD Coin (USDC), Bitcoin (BTC) and many others. Nowadays, the platform is working with several clients in the crypto industry and it continues to expand its solutions to new companies and firms that require the services offered by CryptX. 

CryptX Wallet

The wallet focuses on three main pillars:

  • Security
  • Low Fees
  • Swaps

CryptX offers extreme security to crypto investors as the private keys never leave the hardware security modules. That means that the private keys cannot be taken or stolen from the internet as it could happen with hot wallets that have contact with the internet. Furthermore, the hardware security modules that this company handles are stored in the depths of the Swiss Alps, making it very secure for companies and users to use the CryptX wallet. 

Additionally, CryptX has also enabled the latest blockchain improvements in order for users not to pay high fees when sending or receiving BTC, LTC or other cryptocurrencies. Some of these improvements come thanks to SegWit, transaction batching and other fee management tools. This reduces the expenses that users have and keeps the fees low for every user. 

Finally, the swap feature would allow companies to avoid having exposure to the volatile crypto market. Users can create simple trading rules to protect funds and cryptocurrencies from the usual fluctuations of the crypto markets. This can be done using stable coins such as USDC or UDST, which are supported by this wallet. 


CryptX is one of the most secure wallets currently available for crypto companies that want to have access to secure options to store their coins. Thanks to unique security features and Swiss technology, CryptX offers some of the most advanced crypto wallets to users and firms from all over the world. 

Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents