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Cyber Gangster’s Retirement: Monkey Drainer Crypto Scam Ceases Operation

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Monkey Drainer, a notorious crypto fraudster, has claimed that they are shutting shop following the possibility of exposure during an online dispute.

Monkey Drainer Shuts Down Operations

The individual known for creating a tool to drain cryptocurrency wallets has announced that they will pursue a new endeavor. The individual stated that the tool, Monkey Drainer, would shut down immediately and that serving cybercriminals in the past year has been an “experience.” They also mentioned that it is time to move on to something better than before.

The individual(s) known by the alias Monkey Drainer is notorious for some of the most high-profile and valuable Web3 cyber thefts. On March 1, they announced via their Telegram channel that they would be closing down immediately and permanently, with no chance of a comeback, and that all files, services, and devices associated with their draining kit would be destroyed.

Monkey Drainer Scam Possibly Uncovered

There is speculation that the “Monkey Drainer” scam is being shut down following an event that may have exposed the anonymous cybercriminal behind it. Blockchain security firm CertiK recently claimed to have discovered the true identity of one of the scammers associated with the phishing scheme.

In a blog post dated January 27, 2023, the CertiK team claimed to have discovered on-chain communications between two scammers responsible for the recent $4.3 million Porsche NFT phishing scam. This chat indicated that a person with the alias “Kai” stole money and did not provide a portion of the stolen funds to someone with the alias “Zentoh.”

The CertiK analytics team claimed that they could track down one of these con artists to a Telegram account selling a phishing kit identical to Monkey Drainer.

Monkey Drainer Recommending Rival Venom Drainer

The Monkey Drainer fraud uses “ice phishing” to steal NFTs by exploiting smart contracts. Unknown at this time is whether this scam was perpetrated by a single individual or a team. The scammer’s disclosure also inspired other hackers to seek comparable services from their competitors.

In a statement, the cyber scammer behind the “Monkey Drainer” phishing scheme advised young cyber criminals not to get lost in the pursuit of easy money and only to consider large-scale cybercrime if they have the highest level of dedication. They recommended their competition, Venom Drainer, as an alternative and acknowledged their flawless service in the past months. The statement ended with a wish for fellow cyber-gangsters to be victorious and a reminder that only they control the future.

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