dash - Dash and CoinFlip Sign Partnership to Add More than 80 ATMs

Dash and CoinFlip Sign Partnership to Add More than 80 ATMs

On the latest news, the famous player in the market Dash, has been added to the cryptocurrency ATM platform CoinFlip. The company has decided to add over 80 different Dash-supporting ATMs, and a cash prize lottery for Dash users.

CoinFlip Adds Dash to its Platform

CoinFlip arranged a partnership with Dash in order to add it to more than 80 new Dash ATMs. As Daniel Polotsky said, Dash’s addition was a natural step for the company. dash coin 300x200 - Dash and CoinFlip Sign Partnership to Add More than 80 ATMs

Mr. Polotsky commented on the matter:

“Since Dash is a commonly-used digital currency for payments and e-commerce and a top 15 coin by market capitalization, Dash was an obvious choice for us to integrate into our 80+ ATMs. At CoinFlip, we strive to provide the best cash to crypto experience possible, and we hope by partnering with an in-demand cryptocurrency such as Dash, we’ll be able to continue our global expansion to make buying and selling cryptocurrencies easy for anyone, anywhere.”

At the same time, CoinFlip has also announced a cash giveaway. Those benefited users will be those new Dash users. Moreover, users using CoinFlip accounts will enter the lottery as soon as they make a transaction.

The winners will be awarded with a prize that ranges from $10 to $1,000 dollars in cash.

Dash has been expanding all over the world, but one of those places with more Dash usage is Venezuela, were people need to use virtual currencies for their daily needs. There is a very active community in Venezuela using Dash.

The Dash Venezuela project is influencing the Venezuelan society in a very deep way. Merchant adoption in the South American country is growing as well, for example, there is a a Dash-accepting business per 11,000 people, more than in the US.

At the moment of writing this article Dash is the 14th most important crypto in the market and it has a $2 billion dollars’ market capitalization. Each Dash token can be bought for $245 dollars. In the last 24 hours, the virtual currency is registering an increase of over 5%, as most of the other cryptos.

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