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Get to the top of the list with the best ones, ECN is now ranked third on Troncan

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Tronscan ECN

Being in the top 3 might be a tough road for a platform, but now they did it. You can find ECN on top of the Troncan listing. 

Being a predictor of crypto markets is difficult for anyone who wants to get started in this field. Because, as we all know, cryptocurrency knows no bounds. They are built on smart contracts, a form of revolutionary program that operates autonomously without an intermediary. 

However, we have recently discovered a platform that will meet everyone’s requirements. ECN is a cryptocurrency that is a decentralized prediction market.

At the moment of writing, the platform has:

  • Over 1 million daily trading volume;
  • More than 3,500 active wallets;
  • Above 200K transactions in the past 3 months.

The ECN’s distinguishing features

ECN is more than just a standard decentralized prediction market; they have devised a creative solution to the present prediction market’s day-to-day challenges. The main issue in this industry is usually the failure to reach critical mass. The market is managed mainly by authorities. They come with expensive commission costs, and various topics are restricted.

ECN discovered the ideal answer for this portion by offering a decentralized market, eliminating third parties, letting anybody build markets, and, last but not least, leveraging an existing community.

The key to their platform’s success is their primary goal of becoming a premier prediction platform and community. The competition with other online betting companies and prediction markets is one of the platform’s main motivations.

They have low commission prices, ample liquidity, use an ecosystem approach to reach critical mass, streamlined the formation of prediction markets, and offer a responsive and clear UI and UX.

ECN Prediction Market Platform

ECN Global is a DeFi crypto prediction market built in collaboration with Future Tech, Nexchange Group, WWM, and The Blockchain Academy. 

Aside from its primary objective, the ECN Global platform will allow users to engage in head-to-head betting. Their strategy is designed to enable users to grow alongside them.

They form partnerships with decentralized groups and create communities in an organic way. They leverage their E-oracle as a platform to develop best-in-class use cases for decentralized technologies like prediction markets. The platform has clearly defined value propositions for fresh market predictions in a timely manner.

Why should you choose ECN?

When compared to other platforms, ECN is more than just a single prediction market platform. They have an excellent community of 366K members with 100M page visits, a 14.91 percent bounce rate, 97.3 returning users, an omni platform, and access from 5 continents.

Furthermore, the platform does not have a primary concentration in terms of betting; instead, it focuses on any issue, regardless of preference, such as sports, politics, finance, and so on. 

The prediction market is presently worth $600M, and ECN will grab a significant portion of the $100B+ betting industry in the future.

However, the ECN platform does not charge ETH gas fees, there is no trading limit, the market creation is simple, and you can access it from any device (Web, iOS, or Android). 

That’s very thrilling. 

Be at the top with ECN and begin your experience with them. 

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Jonathan Gibson

Jonathan Gibson

Table of Contents