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Emurgo Works In India Leveraging The Country’s Growing Blockchain Market

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Emurgo, one of the main pillars of the crypto project and digital asset Cardano (ADA), continues to work in India, one of the most interesting countries for the development of blockchain technology. Cardano is trying to expand in different developing countries with their solutions and services. 

Emurgo Settles In India

In a blog post released by Emurgo, they explained that India has over 6 million qualified engineers and the country is one of the most important hubs for IT services. Thus, India establishes itself as a country full of potential with infrastructure and talent to capitalize on the growing market. 

There are several independent states in the country, including Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra that have launched different blockchain initiatives in their regions in order to have more transparent and better governance. In addition to it, the State Bank of India has also formed a community of banks from different countries to incorporate blockchain technology into their business models. 

Although the country has been attacking digital assets and cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology remains as a very important technology industry that the country is leveraging. Emurgo has been working in the country since February 2019 when it opened new offices in India. 

The decision of Emurgo to start working in India was welcomed by the population and also by local governments. 

The blog post released by Emurgo, reads as follows:

“Along with local support from Indian government officials and enterprises, EMURGO Academy will train developers and create blockchain experts to expand the usage of blockchain technology. This strategic business expansion aligns with EMURGO’s philosophy and mission to drive the adoption of the Cardano blockchain ecosystem.”

According to Blockchain Andy, the company is also setting up an academy in Bengaluru and other five offices in the country with the goal of stimulating the blockchain sector in the region. Some of the offices that Blockchain Andy claims Emurgo will open include Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Prune. In these cities, Emurgo is expected to be hiring local developers from the academy in order to keep working on different projects in the blockchain space. 

This is just a strategic movement for Emurgo that is educating developers in the region and teaching them Haskell, Plutus and smart contract development, among other things. In this way, talented individuals would be able to promote the Cardano ecosystem development and provide more exposure to the Cardano project. 

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