Everything You Need To Know About Upcoming EOS Airdrops

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This year will be marked in the history book of EOS for many reasons. First, was the record-breaking ICO that managed to raise over $4 billion. Second, the project saw the launch of its MainNet. Now we’ll see several EOS airdrops in the coming months, to help boost the status of the coin’s wider ecosystem.

The MainNet was successfully launched in June. Since then there has been a lot of work put in to make the network bigger, better and more reliable. The same case goes for the community which has already benefited from many EOS Airdrops over the past few months.

What Is An Airdrop?

An Airdrop is an event during which a crypto project gives coins to its users. These events are very popular with users around the crypto industry as the coins are distributed for free. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the best marketing strategies a crypto project can employ as it draws in new users.

Airdrops are mostly performed by various projects that are in development on the specific project network. They include new platforms, dApps, and even decentralized exchanges. When these projects give free coins to existing coin holders, they manage to spread awareness, and as a result, they get more supporters.

Also, faithful users get to be rewarded for their support, and new users join the project anticipating these airdrops. It helps expand the coin’s community. It’s what EOS is trying to achieve with many Airdrops scheduled to take place within the coming few months.

EOS Holder Airdrops

Already, the past three months have seen numerous Airdrops that have given large amounts of EOS tokens take place. This trend is set to continue in the coming months. As of now, there are some Airdrops that are scheduled to happen soon. But many are yet to specify the date and time of the event.

Some of the upcoming Airdrops include those of; MORE wallet, EOSpace – a Chinese block producer candidate, EOSBet-a gambling portal, GiveyNation- a fundraising dApp and many more.

Also, there is the CADEOS Airdrop. CADEOS is a decentralized CAD file and a platform dedicated to project management.

All EOS enthusiasts should stay tuned for official announcements of these events.

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